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I have never met any of the whiny UU youth you all seem to be speaking about…

What fallow is a response to the Rev. Scott Wells post entitled The youth resolution and the Obama generation as well as all those who commented on it.

I just wont to say I have never met any of the whiny UU youth you all seem to be speaking about. And my best and most healthy experiences, I had them at my district’s youth cons. Whether that was at ones put on by the varying youth groups of the UU congregations throughout southern and northern New York State or at ones I was helping to put on with my youth group at my home church in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, it was marvels. Yes it dos come dawn to the adults how are working with the youth. ‘Cause if the adults go around acting like they always know what is best for the youth only handing out the vary rare opportunity for the youth to manage their own destines then yes, I suppose you would have whiny youth. And I would say they would have good reason to be upset. But, if on the other hand, the adults involved with the teens share their many years of wisdom. Not to mention help the youth to billed up safe spaces like cons and Sunday morning youth groups all filled with opportunities to learn and practise how to be leaders able to billed, run and maintain community with the help of their fellow youth of cores. Then and only then do you have healthy youth programming. But if after the youth graduate from their wonderful UU youth programs, and I hope they are wonderful, you just tell all the youth to now wash their hands of all the good stuff they learned and discovered as youth. I mean to be come proper upstanding adults “gag” able to now do things in the adult way of doing things. And in the UU world that would be the way of the UU immigrants. Then yes you will have whiny young adult. And yes they would have good reason to be upset. And yes I am a young adult, and I have felt the push to become more like the other more, older UU adults who unlike me were not razed UU. And this push it’s always subtle, some of the people who do it are I’m sure not even aware they are doing it and would change if they knew what they should be doing instead. So this whole push for youth and young adult empowerment can be summed up in this definition from the vary resolution you all seem to choose to knock so heartily. And it’s as fallow: “WHEREAS Youth and Young Adult empowerment is an attitudinal, structural and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people to create intergenerational equity”. And yes this is all about equity and equality and just like the women of the women’s movement we, the UU young adults and youth feel it’s hi time we got ours.


The former Wikipedia articles

So I have captured the final versions of two now former Wikipedia articles. The first one I only made major contributions to and the second one I not only contributed to, but also was the creator of it. I say former Wikipedia articles because several Wikipedia editors launched a campaign to have them removed. And to read my thoughts on the reason they where ultimately deleted and some other related thoughts you can red my previous post. So ones you have red my previous post and red the articles do send me some comments. And it should be noted that I have converted them into word documents for easier storage and vowing. So here are the articles!

Wikipedia And UU…

Wikipedia is the fist place I go to read and find out stuff about this and that subject, including to see if the Unitarian Universalist (UU) stuff reflects what I know to be accurate about it. And if it is not accurate and I can correct it, I do. I also try to add new info on other UU stuff, stuff that will give a more holistic and well-rounded view of UUism. The reason I work one the UU articles, is that as a UU myself, one who uses Wikipedia as one of his first spots on the web to learn and discover info, I am sure others are doing the same including those that are seeking a spiritual/religious home. So I feel it is our duty to show them the most accurate face of who we our. And that in my opinion includes info on UU youth culture, so a will back I got to work on helping to improve the article on Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) which is the head organization for UU youth in the United States of America and Canada. And as well as being a contributor to the YRUU article I also created an article on UU youth conferences. The reason I felt there to be a need for a UU youth conferences article was I knew that UU youth conferences or cons for short, are one of, if not the biggest part of a youths life within YRUU. Not to mention that there was no way that the YRUU article could fully delve in and explain all the ins and outs of it with out getting really lengthy. So I created the con article and worked really hared at making sure that it and the YRUU one had the most accurate info I could find, and that included adding sources that backed up the info. I did right a previous post on this vary subject. And it wasn’t long after I started this work that a team of editors put those articles up for deletion but, ultimately convincing enough Wikipedia editers to side with them and they where eventually deleted. Well along with a few other UU articles including a stub on the Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network (UUYAN) the head organization for young adults with in the Canadian and American UU Worlds. Their reasoning for deleting these articles was this, they claimed the sources wore not valid because they were all from in house web sites (i.e. not from third party sources). I to this day think it was and is not a valid reason for the deletion of these articles, but what can I do, what can I do… I think this from the user page of Wikipedia user Thanos6 says it all.

“The Fun Destroyers are the rot that is slowly eating away at Wikipedia. If something doesn’t satisfy their small-minded, tunnelvision version of “notability,” then like mindless, shrieking harpies, they fall upon it with cries of “cruft” and “trivia” and “non-notable” and get it deleted, sucking much enjoyment out of Wikipedia for everyone else. Well, no more, I say. We must stand up to the Fun Destroyers and keep this site worth coming to!”