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The three stages of spiritual development of raised Unitarian Universalists

So M. Scott Peck a psychologist and the other of The Road Less Traveled postulates that there are four stages of human spiritual development. He argues that while transitions from Stage I to Stage II are sharp, transitions from Stage III to Stage IV are gradual. Nonetheless, these changes according to him are very noticeable and mark a significant difference in the personality of the individual. I for one believes children raised in almost any of the major western religious communities will indeed go throw the first two of Peck’s stages. I also believes that if they do ever get to Peck’s Stage III, they may begin to question and or reject the beliefs of their religious community. This I believe can lead to the total rejection of organized religious/spiritual community or in the case of others it mite simply lead to the seeking out of a new more compatible religious/spiritual community, such as in the case of the adult Unitarian Universalist (UU) joiners, UUism itself. Or it can simply lead to them understanding and appreciating their religion in a different but still meaningful way and yes continuing to develop as Peck suggests one would.

I also theories that M. Scott Peck’s four Stages of human spiritual development are not the same stages of spiritual development that one being raised in UU community will go throw. I suggests one who is raised in UU community will instead go throw these three stages of spiritual development. And it should be noted that my First Stage has the same characteristics as that of Peck’s Stage III. And here are my three stages:

·For a child being raised in UU community the First Stage of spiritual development is the stage of scientific scepticism and inquisitivity. And one in this stage does not accept things on faith but only accepts them if convinced logically. And a UU child often stays in this stage up until they become a junior youth at the age of 11 or 12-years. And even in some cases (more common for male UU children) right up until they becomes a youth at about 14-years of age.

·For a child being raised in UU community their Second Stage of spiritual development is a transition stage. Wile this stage is still a stage of scientific scepticism and inquisitivity like that of the First Stage, one in this stage is moving in the direction of basing things more on their own experiential experiences. And a child being raised in UU community usually enters this stage upon becoming a youth at about 14-years of age. And one in this stage usually evolve beyond it upon reaching young adulthood at anywhere from 18-years to 20-years of age or stay in this stage till mid young adulthood (about 26 years of age) and even in some cases till they enter their mid 30’s.

·And for adults who where raised in UU community the Third Stage is commonly the stage to which they occupy. And one in this stage bases things almost exclusively on the experiential experiences that they are having and have had in the past.

It should be noted that I indeed believe those that join UU community as an adult, come having gone throw stages I and II of Peck’s theory. I also thinks that they come having progressed to Peck’s stage III which is the First Stage for UU children. And I believes it is at this stage that they will stay in for a vary long time. And in some cases I thinks they will never evolve beyond it. But I believes if they do ever evolve beyond it they will indeed go though stages roughly equivalent to the raised UUs second and third stages. Thus giving them five stages of spiritual development. I also feel that because most of the UU adult joiners are in their third stage, a roughly equivalent stage to the raised UU’s First Stage, and seeing as must UU adults are adult UU joiners, it is not suppressing that many of the raised UU adults find the adult UU world to be often not well suited to them who are in their third and final stage. A stage roughly equivalent to what would be the UU adult joiners fifth and finale stage.


A personal journey to loving God – God loving UUs and a need for acceptance in the UU fold

As I’m a strong Unitarian Universalist (UU) identifying person who grew up and is still active in the UU religion, it might come as quit a shock to those of you who know anything about UUism that, over the past at least seven years or so I’ve come more and more to believe in God. As you might know it’s ok for all those involved in UU community, be it official member UUs or just mere friends of UU to openly give praise and show support for the gays and lesbians within the UU fold and their right to live as who they are within UU community. But do the majority of UUs show the same courtesy for anther of the minorities within UU, the God loving UUs (of which I’m now one myself)? I would say not. To borrow a phrase often expressed by the gay and lesbians in our society at large, I would say sometimes I feel I have to hide in the closet, well my belief in God and my need to honour and praise him from my fellow UUs that is. I say this ought not to be so seeing as my fellow UUs like to loudly proclaim that they respect and even welcome those who have different beliefs from them into the UU fold (so long as they don’t impinge on their right to express what they individually believe, or intentionally heart anyone, which I think is only fair).

So how did I come to this belief in God? One only has to look at the forth principle of the UU list of seven principles which is as fallows “a free and responsible search for truth and meaning”. Yes it was through a search for truth and meaning, well more accurately, a need to find truth and meaning, that has led me to this belief. But I have always kept in mind the other parts of this principle as well. For one my responsibility to have a responsible search. By responsible I interpret it in great UU fashion as my responsibility to not assume that what I find to be truths that work for me (that include my belief in God) to be truths that will work for others or even things to which I should impose on them. But then there’s the last part, the free part. This part of the principle is the part that I fell some UUs don’t fully grasp. To me it doesn’t just mean allowing someone the space to search and seek for their truths, but also the space needed to tryout what is being discovered or may have been discovered as a result of this search and seeking.

So why would they have a problem with us, the God loving UUs trying out we have discovered and are discovering? Well one reason for this is likely the fact that many UUs came to UUism fleeing Christian denominations, like Roman Catholic and Anglican, and as a result have negative associations linked to the concept of God, to which many who come from a different back ground, take me for example, who was raised UU may not have. Well one of the things they may have observed is people in authority using the concept of God to justify harsh or restrictive rules or actions, those leaving their faith in God shaken. I for one never have observed this. In fact it wasn’t until I was having a sever crises of faith that I really started giving the concept of God any real consideration.

My belief in God came from a crises of faith. Well actually to be more accurate I have always been on the brink of taking the God belief plunge and it was only this crises that pushed my to certainty in Him (God). So why did it take me 20 years and a crises to start to believe in God. The reason for this I would say was the fact that as a child I had mostly secular humanist and atheist for Sunday school teachers, who in my children’s religious exploration classes told me more about human sexuality and things about science then what they believed about religion (all worthy thinks to teach to children). Sure they did encourage me to search for my religious beliefs, but it was only through brief and as I now know insufficient glimpses of what others believed in, and rarely what UUs believe and never what they believed abut religion. I guess even if the concept of God was something that I needed, it was always going to take a crises for me to believe in Him. Well ‘cause I knew no UUs that believed or at least expressed openly a belief in God as a child. But I could never fully go join them in their rejection of God. And with this crises of faith I began to come to my belief in God over the past seven years or so.

The crises of faith of mine was precipitated by the fact that I had bad thing don to me as well as hearing of bad thing having been don to others. Things like bullying and the divorce of parents. All things that I could not and still can not accept as having happened for no reason. I felt and still feel they most have happened for some divine reason, either to teach use some lesion or to move our lives in a better direction. Also the fact that I could not accept the fact that evolution to which I did and still do believe in, just some how spontaneously started to happen and evolve over time. I still believe this about evolution.

So why do I believe in God? Because I believe that creation was not something that just spontaneously started to happen one day and the fact that bad things to which we experience must be brought to be for some useful reason. And ‘cause I believe in God I feel the need to honour Him and yes even praise Him. Yes all things to which leave many of the former Christians within the UU fold uneasy.