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I am getting financially and emotionally ready to actualise my dreams!

Well slowly but surly my life is going towards better things. Ok I must believe this or I will fall into a deep state of panic. And I don’t want to panic because I have panicked enough over the last few months. So I am going to focus on creating a great life for me. And I think that this is going to involve me getting financially and emotionally ready to actualize my dreams. Dreams that I hope will accumulate in me teaching in the alternative high school that I hope to help fawned. But to get there I must first get a job to pay for my room in the shared apartment I am now living in. Ok I did have a job but I was not what they wanted so they let me go even know I was a hard worker, so I am back on the job market. And to prepare myself to tech at my future school I am as well as getting financially ready, also one of four facilitators of my churches coming of age class (a welcoming and preparation class for preteens to become youth). And next year I hop to be doing an internship at the Albany Free School, as well as this coming summer possibly going to one or two conferences on alternative education.


My life is changing to fast!

These days it seems that my life is changing to fast for me. Well I have always been one who has fond it hared to adjust to new situations, but adjust I must and fast. And that’s because coming up latter this moth I will be one of the teachers for the coming of age class (12-yearolds). The coming of age class it’s one of the many Sunday school classes offered this year as part of the children’s religious exploration program at my home church The First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa. Also because starting tomorrow I will be a, YEEKS employee of a company which shrink raps products like boxes of facial tissue, which then get sent to stores for sale to the general public. And to add to it all I also have to find a place to rent because my Mom is moving out east to become the music director of the UU church in Halifax. Wow I guess I am staring to now what it feels like to be a grownup, and don’t grownups have a lot of responsibilities. YEEKS, YEEKS! Also I was earlier this summer made the representative for all UU young adults (18-35-yearolds) in eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces and that includes Labrador. So I will be doing a lot of UUing this year, but that is ok because UUing is something I love dearly to do. But shrink raping and abode hunting, I am not to sure weather I like that or not, but only time will tell.