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Previewing my “Unitarian Universalist Christian Community – Prospectus”

I know I have not posted here in quite some time. What are the reasons for this? Well, I have been engaged in a lot of thinking and reading on the subjects of Christianity within today’s Unitarian Universalist (UU) community, UU growth, the future of UUism and UU identity. Also I have been listening to a lot of Christian rock and pop music and examining my spiritual beliefs. All this thinking, reading, listening and examining has led me to the feeling I need to bring about the formation of a new UU Christian community. And this feeling has spurred me to write a prospectus for this new community. I would say it is all the time I have devoted to crafting this prospectus that is the real reason I have not posted here in quite some time. As this prospectus is still going through the final editing and proofreading stages it is not quite ready for full release. But some sections are I would say ready enough for me to share in preview form.

So below is the table of contact from the prospectus.
Unitarian Universalist Christian Community – Prospectus TABLE OF CONTENTS

And here is the introduction section.

Dear Friends —

As one who grew up attending Canada’s largest Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregation, the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, I have been witness to, as well as personally experienced the transformative and life changing effects that UUism and its communities can have. That said, as one who is still active in, and committed to, seeing the UU world continuing to be such a place for its current members and its future generations, I feel UU communities would do well to engage in a sea change. What kind of sea change, you may ask? Well, one that would help to shine a light on the fact that it is time UU communities worked harder to keep their babies and bathwater, and realized that it was the bathtubs that needed changing. The bathtubs, in this case, represent all the forms of worship UUs hold onto that are no longer working for us, as well as all the new and innovative ones we hesitate to try, including the ones that come from within our own tradition. The bathwater is the roots and traditions of UUism. The traditions that UUism was founded on were Christian in nature, and for too long now it has been these founding Christian faith traditions of ours that we have cast aside as if they were dirty old bathwater that had past its usefulness. When, in fact, I believe it is these founding faith traditions, albeit seen through modern eyes and modern understandings and expressed in modern ways, that will be the very thing that will enliven UUism and its communities to a new state of glory and prosperity.

To help bring about this sea change and to usher in this new state of glory and prosperity, I am seeking interested and committed UUs willing to use their talents, ideas and time to help found a new UU community here in Canada; a UU community that will be authentically UU and also deeply Christian. If this sounds like the kind of work you or someone you know would be interested in, do read on.

Devin Murphy

And more previews to come in the next few days.


Ramblingsofmylind is now Realmdee

This blog of mine was up until today called Ramblingsofmymind. But Today I have renamed it Realmdee. The first reason for this change was I rarely write posts that are truly rambling in nature. The other reason is both my Facebook page and my twitter account are at realmdee, and so is my Gravatar profile and my Polldaddy account among others. What then is the meaning of this new name “Realmdee”? Well Realmdee stands for the realm of D. D being the first letter of my first name witch is Devin. So again what is the meaning of Realmdee? Well Realmdee stands for the realm of Devin who is me the writer of this here little blog.

As I have changed the name of this blog to Realmdee, I feel a change in address is now also in order. So in the coming days this blog will be moving from ramblingsofmymind.wordpress.com to hopefully realmdee.wordpress.com. So you do not miss any of my soon to come posts do head on over to Twitter and fallow me (@realmdee) if you are not already doing so. And I will be tweeting this blogs new address as soon as it has been made official.
Update: This blog (Realmdee) is now official at https://realmdee.wordpress.com/.

My blogging plans for 2011

The folks at WordPress.come have lunched a new blog called The Daily Post at WordPress.com. On it they have initiated two challenges. For the more ambitious bloggers they are encouraging a post to be written, one for everyday in 2011. And for those bloggers who are still ambitious just not as ambitious as the more ambitious bloggers they are encouraging a post to be written, one for every week in 2011. I will be taking up the challenge to write a post a week in 2011 right here on Ramblingsofmymind. So you can look forward to louts of miniseries though out 2011 plus still some individual posts as well. The first one or these miniseries will begin this week or next week and it will consist of at least four posts. The subject of this initial miniseries will be a countdown of my 40 favourite songs. The plan is to reveal ten songs a post along with cometary and analysis on the songs and why I like them all in reverse order. In addition to me writing a post a week here on Ramblingsofmymind I will be continuing to post my poems over on my poetry blog Lyricsofmylife as they are written. Also I plan to move forward with my UU Quest project and that includes getting the UU Quest survey competed and posted on the UU Quest blog. So as you can see 2011 will be for me a busy but hopefully still fun and productive year of blogging.

Blogs by UU Christians and Christian leaning UUs – now searchable via Google Custom Search

In addition to being able to bookmark, and subscribe via RSS to my list of blogs by Unitarian Universalist (UU) Christian and UU Christian leaning folks, you can now also search them via Google Custom Search. I hope you find this new search capability useful and fun to use.

Blogs by UU Christians and Christian leaning UUs – now via RSS feed

My list of blogs that are written by Unitarian Universalist (UU) Christian and UU Christian leaning folks is off to a great start. But if you have been thinking wouldn’t it be even better and more convenient if you could follow them all with just one feed through your RSS reader of chose well, now thanks to “pipes” an aggregation service from Yahoo you can. All you have to do is pomp this “http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?_id=0d31c54193ed1de758c28a391fd01cf5&_render=rss” into your feed reader of chose or click here. Or alternatively you can now find them in the sidebar of this site. Hope this is useful and helpful.

Seeking to build a list of UU Christian and UU Christian leaning folks on Twittter

I have started my list of blogs that are written by Unitarian Universalist (UU) Christian and UU Christian leaning folks but, it has come to my mind that an easier way to fallow them may by through twitter. If you are like me you tweet all your posts with Twitter. Also there may be some UU Christian folks who just twitter plus some UU Christian related groups that may also tweet that are worthy of fallowing. So if you are a UU Christian or a UU Christian leaning person who tweets just let me know below or by messaging me on Twitter (@realmdee) and I will add you to the list. You can do the same if you know of a UU Christian related group.

Seeking blogs by UU Christians and Christian leaning UUs

I am finding my religious beliefs moving in the detection of Christianity but, I don’t think I can yet call myself a Christian. I am also fining that my connection to Unitarian Universalism (UU) my life long religious community is only getting stronger. My love of teaching UU Sunday school and gathering with my fellow UU young adults for fun and religious nourishment it, only seams to be growing. And If you checked the music on my computer you would find it is made up of tons of modern country music and yup Christian rock music as well. You would even notes if you looked at the music a bit more closely that the Christian rock tends to be newer additions then the country. Also if you were to take a look at my web history that I tend to visit mostly UU blogs and web sites and more resistantly, I have been one the hunt for ones with both a UU and a Christian theme to theme. I was thinking it would help me and probably others who are moving in this religious direction if, their could be a list off blogs by UU’s who are either Christian or Christian leaning folks. Such a list would help us to 1. realize even though we are a small minority’s minority we, are not alone and 2. give us people to discus Christianity from a UU prospective as well as its place in our lives and our UU lives with. I could create a page here on this blog of mine for them to be listed on. All I need to start this page is for you to send me some. I await your submissions.

My new sister blog

I have started a sister blog to this one. But unlike this blog, this new one of mine it will have a more focused reason for being. And that reason for being will be to serve as the online home of my new Unitarian Universalist (UU) journey, which I am dubbing UU Quest along with the blog itself. And this new journey in brief will seek to understand the needs of raised UUs wen it comes to them being full and active members of UU communities. It will also be seeking to help strengthen the aspects and components of UU, which are authentically unique to it. And this blog will be the repository of the stuff-gathered throughout this journey.