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I have been thinking about religion and my beliefs…

I have been thinking the last few years about religion and my beliefs. This religious thinking off mine it has really intensified over the summer. I have been working on a farm for the summer in BC as some of you who read this blog of mine already know and, If you read some of my other blogs including my poetry one (Lyricsofmylife) and my strictly Unitarian Universalist (UU) focused one (UU Quest) this thinking of mine will be even more obvious to you. Yes this summer I have been working on a farm and most afternoons including must Sundays (my day off) have been spend engaged in this thinking. This thinking has been accompanied by me reading my favourite UU blogs (primarily Sunflowers & Spirituality) and listening to Christian rock acts like Superchick, BarlowGirl and Kristal Meyers. Also those who read this blog will remember that I tried to read the whole Christian Bible both, the Old Testament and New testament last summer. I never got past the part in the Old Testament ware God tells this chosen people (the Israelites) to commit genocide against their enemies and steal their land for use as their new home land. The reason I could not get past this was I detest violence of all kind and find its promotion reprehensible. As well last winter I tired studying the New Testament in University but I could not take the historical and literary approaches that my teacher she had us use wen looking at it (mostly the Synoptic Gospels). In addition to all this I have had for a few years the feelings that Trinitarianism makes so much sense for me. not to mention I have Benn having great feelings of needing God more in my life. This Trinitarian feeling of mine and my great feeling of needing of God in My life are aliening with my emerging agreement with the sentiments that are expressed in some off the Christian rock songs I have been listening to such as; I Belong To You, Enough, The Beauty of Grace and In Your Hands. In addition the last two times I tuck the Belief-O-Matic quiz which is intended to help you determine which religion or spiritual philosophy is most compatible with your beliefs Christianity came up on top of the list and Unitarian Universalism my current religion and religious home was also near the top of the list. So What is this all saying? Well I think firstly it is saying I need to live a more God centred life and, secondly I think it is saying I need to explorer Trinitarian Christianity more and, thirdly I think it is saying I need to do this within a UU setting.


Not reading the Bible, rode the World Naked Bike Ride and am seeing some live music

I know I said I was going to try to read the whole Bible this summer, but I have not been reading for a long time now. I know it’s a bit of a feet but that is not the reason I stopped. The reason I stopped reading was that it was rather quite a violent set of books. Well I know that it’s only really mostly just the books of the old testament that are violent laden. But seeing as I am one who deplores valence and was taught in Unitarian Universalist children’s religious exploration classes to love all and be kind to all, I couldn’t handle it. Well maybe I will try and read more of it some other time, but not right now at least. Instead I will do more peaceful things like the World Naked Bike Ride which I did back in June.

Yes it was on Saturday, June 13th that I did ride for the second year in the Ottawa edition of the World Naked Bike Ride. I rode in the ride with my brother and we were 50 to 60 all with varying degrees of nakedness. It was some what more of a subdued group then last year, but at least the cops rode bikes this year instead of in cars. I went fully naked again this year, well except for my chalice pendent, shoes and socks, glasses and bike helmet that is. It was a wonderful time and I plan to do the Montreal edition next year as I will be living their starting in the Fall.

I have been seeing tons of live music this summer. Starting with the free festival held here in Ottawa in the neighbourhood of Westboro the vary same day as the World Naked Bike Ride. There I saw Prairie Oyster with my brother and on Canada day at Major’s Hill Park I saw with my dad, Alex Cuba among others. And me and my dad have this past week been hitting up the Ottawa Bluesfest. We have seen some good music like the The Road Hammers, Punch Brothers, Estelle (at her show my dad got himself invited up onstage to dance during a number along with her dancers) and Joe Cocker. But we have not seen all the same concerts. I also saw, Sergent Garcia, Ryan Shaw and, Loreena McKennitt among others and my dad saw Jackson Brawn among others. We are going to see more shows at Ottawa Bluesfest this week as well.

I am going to read the Bible in 90 days…

I have discovered this Bible reading program called The Bible in 90 Days. It divides the Bible into 88 day chunks, with two lag days, thus it enables you to read the Bible in 90 days like its name applies. And yes I am going to attempt to do this program starting on Monday, meaning I should be finishing reading the bible by the end of August. As one who was raised in a Unitarian Universalist community, I did not get much bible education back in my childhood Sunday school’s religious exploration classes. Well except a bit about Moses, the Passover story and yes the Christmas story. So this is going to be quit a learning experience for me. So why am I embarking on this summer reading challenge? Well the more I hear about liberal Christian beliefs, especially Trinitarian ones, the more I find myself feeling yes these things seem right for me. So I am going to read the bible to find out more about them. Yes there is nothing better then an exploration of the sources of something to understand it better. And the bible translation I have chosen to use is the New Living Translation. So at least ons or twice over this summer I will post about this. And I will do a overall review of this and post it in early September. So if you won’t to take this challenge up too, just head over to BibleGateway.com and search for 90 Days under the Reading Plans section. And yes you don’t even need to own your own copy of the bible because over on BibleGateway.com you can choose from many of the most popular translations and read it right there in its entirety.