The Church of The Flaming Chalice

The Church of The Flaming Chalice is the working title of an idea I have for a Unitarian Universalist (UU) TV show or miniseries. The idea would be to explore a fictional UU church and UUism more broadly. The program would be set in a reality that is like ours but slightly off. This would be so the program could fully explore themes, subjects and events without having to worry if it got all the minutia of this or that theme, subject or event rite. The program would take place in the present day and have many flashback scenes. It would explore such themes as, local UU congregational life, what it is like to grow up UU, convert to UUism, be a UU minister, UU youth culture, and what UUs believe ect. It would touch on such historic UU events as the coming together of Unitarian and Universalism, the disbanding of LRY and the formation of YRUU. It would I think be targeted at UUs themselves and be made available for download online. I think if made it would be a wonderful program for congregations to screen for their member to watch together. But for now it is just an idea of mine. But if this kind of project would be of interest to you do leave me a message in the comment box below and I will get back to you. And who knows what will ultimately happen to this idea? In fact it may just have lags. We will have to wait and see what comes of it.


What I think are the best albums of 2011

I have listed and discussed what I think are the best albums of 2009 and 2010. Now I will give you my third yearly list of best albums of the year.

At number 4 we have “The Road” the debut solo album by Tricia Brock lead singer of the Christian rock group Superchick. It is not as rocky as the releases put out by Superchick being as it is a Christian pop/worship album. The standard release has 11 tracks and the deluxe edition includes an additional two songs. The themes on the album include trusting in God and, finding sanctuary and strength in The Lord (Jesus). The stand out track is the rocky number Everything In Me. I give this album 3.5 out of 5.

At number 3 we have “16 & 1” by country group Doc Walker. This is their seventh and most rock flavoured album to date. I would say the tracks on this project are a bit less stylistically cohesive compared to those found on their past albums which for me is a bit of a draw back. The major themes of the album are love of where you are from, in the case of the men of Doc Walker that would be rural Manitoba, rocking out and being in love. The stand out tracks are the Eagles sounding love song Hard Act To Follow and the slow and most traditionally Doc Walker style love song Do It Right. This is not the album I would recommend if one was to be getting into the band for the first time. For a first intro to the group I would instead recommend their 2001 album Curve or their 2009 release Go. I give the album 3.8 out of 5.

At number 2 is “Lady & Gentlemen” by country singer LeAnn Rimes. It is the second album of hers to feature classic country country songs. The stand out tracks are Swinging, When I Call Your Name, The Bottle Let Me Down, and Give the only new track on the album. I give this album 4.5 out of 5

And at number one is “On the Evening Side” by country singer-songwriter Charlie Major. The songs on this album are don in Charlie’s signature heartfelt style and feature his usual themes of love, living and life. For those that have heard his other albums this album doesn’t offer any new takes but just more of the same wonderful honest songwriting and deliverance. And for as an intro to his music this album would make a fine chose. The stand out tracks are Though Gods Eyes, Keep an Eye Out for Me and Keep On Living. I give this album 4.8 out of 5.

In addition to these 2011 albums I discovered some wonderful ones this year from years past. Here is a list of some of them.

  • The 2010 album “Hanging On By a Thread” by Christian rock group The Letter Black.
  • The original 1995 UK release of the album “Did I Shave My Legs For This?” by country singer Deana Carter. It should be noted that this version of the album only shares three songs with the later 1996 North American release.
  • The 2010 album “Speak Now” by country pop singer Taylor Swift
  • The 2007 EP “Lanae’ Hale” by Christian pop singer Lanae’ Hale
  • The 2009 debut album “Big Sky” by country music duo One More Girl
  • The 2006 pop album “Whatever We Wanna” by country singer Leann Rimes

What I think are the best albums of 2009

Last year I posted a list of what I think are the best albums of 2010. Seeing as 2011 is drowning to a close I think it is now time for my list of what I think are the best albums of this year. Yes it is, but I will save that list for my next post and instead bring you here my list of what I think are the best albums of 2009. I original released this 2009 list only via my Facebook account as a states update back at the end of 2009. I had intended to post it here on this blog but I had not gotten around to it until now. So here is what I think are the best albums of 2009.

At number 3 we have the album “Rock What You Got” by Christian rock group Superchick. This album contains 12 tracks. 11 of them being songs and 1 of them, track number 2 is a supper short sound clip prelude to the sung Alive entitled Alive [Prelude]. Track number 11 is a remix version of the song Stand in the Rain originally from their album Beauty from Pain 1.1. The remix is entitled Stand in the Rain (Symphonic Mix). And track number 12 is a less then stellar instrumental entitled Dave Ghazarian: Guitar Hero. This album has their typical positive we can make it though hard times if we just go carry on and keep trusting in God message. But this time the band has stepped up the electronic sounds and rocky feel just a few notches. All in all the album is wonderful that is except for the track Dave Ghazarian: Guitar Hero. So I’ll give it a 3 and a half out of 5. I would have given it 4 and a half out of 5 but the band had to include the track Dave Ghazarian: Guitar Hero.

At number 2 we have “Love & War” by Christian rock group BarlowGirl. It has as it’s message the call to stand up for love, in particular the saving love of God. This album is not as straight up rock as their previews albums have been as many of the tracks on this release veer somewhat in the direction of pop. The standout tracks on this album is the song Sing Me A Love Song. This song is a rocky number about being loved by and close to God. I’ll give it 4 out of 5.

And in the number 1 spot we have “Brand New Eyes” by rock group Paramore. This is a wonderful album of easy to listen to rocky songs with subtle but powerful lyrics. The best track from the album is All I Wanted. Just have a look at thees thees lyrics from that song:
“I could follow you to the beginning
And just relive the start
And maybe then we’ll remember to slow down
To all of our favorite parts”.
This album definitely deserves 5 out of 5.

I hold my church to a higher standard…

I would say generally people are more wiling to put more of their time and energy into the thing and the places that have been a positive in their lives. I would say also generally that folks are leas likely to want to invest much of their time and energy into the places and things that are a drain or negative influence in their lives. If a place say school has been a negative influence or drain on your life it may be a place you want to avoid. On the other hand say if church is a place you have always felt you could be accepted and nourished in, it may be a place and thing you hold to a higher stranded. And wen one is holding something to a higher standard it can often appear as if they are highly dissatisfied with it or an aspect or aspects of it. That could not be farther from the truth. I know that wen I am holding something to a higher slandered or standards I am expressing my trust and confidence in it and belief that it can be even better then it is already. For if I had little trust in something it would definitely not be something I would want to spend much time one.

The thing I hold to a higher standard is my church. Not specifically my local church which is currently the Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax located in Halifax, Canada but rather, the wider spiritual and religious community to which it belongs which is the Canadian Unitarian Universalist (UU) community and UUism in general. I spend lots of time thinking and reflecting on how it can be made better. I don’t just hold it to a higher stranded as an institution or organization but as a place and a thing that can nourish and continue to nourish folks like it has and continues to do for me. So wen I express my ideas about my church I am only expressing my desire for it to become something for more amazing than it already is. And I think it already is something wonderful. Jut not as wonderful as it could be. Has it lived up to what I thought it would be the first time I experienced it in Ottawa wen I first entered the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa back in the Fall of 1990 as an 8-year-old? Well for the most part it has far exceeded it. Dose that mean I’m fully satisfied with it? No not in the slightest. For me to be fully satisfied with it, it would have to become something so deep and so moving that it would leave my skin tingling wen I leave it after a good time had and have me jumping up and dawn with anticipation of the next good time to be had there.

I think for my church to begin to be a place that I could be fully satisfied with it would have to start to do the fallowing:

  • actively in cloud discussion, worship and ritual focused one God as part of what makes up the regular church fare,
  • strive to have the adult spaces of the church be not just laid out to meet the needs of the adult joiners but in ways that attempt to serve the needs of all of its adult members, both raised and joiners,
  • be a place that recognizes that some of the adults members may not have grown up in and been hurt by a Christin denomination and may actually be looking for some of the comforts one can get from the Christian message,
  • bring more diversity of style to the worship services, in clouding looking to the youth and young adult communities for inspiration in this area,
  • move away from seeing church as something that is mostly all about Sunday mornings at the locale congregations to, something that is seen as spanning from Monday to Sunday wherever UUs happen to be,
  • actively in cloud discussion and practice of Christianity as part of what makes up the regular church fare.

This list is just some of what would move my church, the UU Church to becoming more wonderful in my eyes.

So yes I do hold my church to a hire stranded. And at times it can seem like I am just unsatisfied with this or that aspect or aspects of it. That could not be farther from the truth. I know that wen I am holding something to a higher slandered or standards I am expressing my trust and confidence in it and belief that it can be even better. I remember back wen I was in grade 4 I had this teacher named Mrs. Howell. She had me write a creative writing story. I had to start of by putting together an outline indicating what it was to be about. I think it was to be about initially road hockey. I say initially about road hockey because after I had started writing it I gout this idea to turn it into yes still a road hokey story but now one that in clouded UFUs and an alien encounter. I think I only argued and pleaded with my teacher to make this change because I trusted in the wonderful teaching ability she had. On the other hand if I had seen her as a not so good teacher then I think I would have not even attempted to get the ok to make this change in the story. Did I get the ok as far as I can remember I did not. Do I still have the story? I think not. The point here is we as people, we strive and work at making the things and places that have been a positive in our lives better, far more often than we do the once that are a drain or negative on our lives.

And like my grade 4 teacher Mrs. Howell how I held to a high stranded I now hold me church to a high standard. I listed some things that I think if my church where to implemented would, take it in my eyes in the direction of becoming a more wonderful place. Will it be an easy road to go in getting these things don in my church. No, not at all. Dose that men I should not try and get some of them implemented? It just means some of them will take a wile to see manifested into a reality and, some will never be come a reality. This is because others how also hold my church witch is also their church to a higher stranded have a differing idea as to what that stranded aught to look like once manifest.

Should I just sit around and bemoan the fact that my church is not going in these directions. No, definitely not. Insisted I think the wise course of action for me to take is to start crafting and articulating a plan that would help to bring some of the things on this list into a reality. And then rallying folks to help me see the plan is implemented. Will this be a easy thing to do? Well it will be a herd road to go dawn. But it will be a road that once walked will bring me and I hope those who come after my more satisfaction with and willingness to work at doing the hard work need to make this our church a more wonderful place to call our home.

Five things I would implement if I was in charge of starting a new UU church

This is not the post I promised about how my beliefs in God are moving my spiritual beliefs inline with Christian beliefs. That post will come next week.

I have already left a comment on the post Say no five times (sure to irritate everyone) over on fellow Unitarian Universalist Scott Wells’ blog Boy In The Band but I thought I would also come up with a list of the five things I would implement if I was in charge of starting a new Unitarian Universalist (UU) church. Here is my list just keep in mind that this list only reflects what I would ideal like to see in my dream UU church if I had complete control over things. This is a list of the five things in addition to what you could most likely expect to be included in a UU church. So here is my list.

  • It would have Sunday worship services that would be experientially focused rather than head centred. This would mean the form that the worship cervices would take would be one that resembles greatly the one that is used by UU youth at their youth conferences and young adults at their camp weekends. These would be ones that are facilitated by the minister but put on by members of the church community interested in worship and its elements (ritual, music and readings ect). This worship service would be one that would leave the worshipers with a sense that their souls had been touched and that they had been moved spiritually.
  • We would have an environment that encouraged lots of exploration of God. This exploration of God would happen in the Sunday worship services, the children’s RE classes, the youth group and the adult learning classes just to name a few. The mane porpoise of this exploration of God would be to bring the church goers closer to God as well as to make the church a place were his love over flows.
  • Music would be a key part of the church. Not just through a church choir and the singing of a few hymns every Sunday in the worship service but, through music being a part of the full religious life of the church by being a central part of each of it’s attendees own spiritual lives. Loud and emotionally focused stiles of music would also be come part of the everyday mix including rock and modern country music songs plus other song don in thees styles, yes ones with lyrics that call the worshipper to be closer with God and be remind of his ever available love for them.
  • The church would have church goers that put their religious life at the centre of their lives. That means ahead of spurts and other extracurricular activity like Scots ect.
  • The church would be a central hub for the wider community it is located in. Yes the wider local community members would feel comfortable coming and hanging out at the church.

I will summarize what my church will be all about. It will be a God centred church. One with church goers who’s lives are centred on religion, their religious home and the spiritual growth and spiritual maturity of their fellow spiritual seekers. Thy will use ecstatic worship and loud emotional music to help them get closer to God and to help have his love pore all over them and their church. They will work at making their church a safe and loving place for them to hang with their fellow humans from the surrounding community.

Why I believe the spiritual things I believe

I feel it is my duty as a religious seeker, especially as one who was raised as and is currently a Unitarian Universalist (UU) to examine what I believe regarding spiritual things. For one so I don’t just blindly believe in my spiritual beliefs without first taking a good look as to why I believe in them. This examination process I would say will help me to see if they are healthy or destructive to me and whether or not I truly believe them in my deepest core or if I only believe them because many of my fellow UUs believe them. I am not saying that I shouldn’t ever holed spiritual beliefs that are the same as my peers but, rather only if I feel them to be true in the deepest cure of my being. I also believe if I ever wont to grow more comfortable living a life that is in line with the spiritual beliefs I do holed, a good place for me to start is for me to do the examination of them in the open with others who are also examining their own spiritual beliefs. I will begin be examining why I believe the spiritual things I declared as my spiritual beliefs in my personal credo statement. In my personal credo statement I said I believe the following.

That there is a purpose to this life: Us human being we have a desire that some say is ingrained in us to feel a need to learn why thing are the way they are. We have used religion and we continue to use religion but know we also use science to help us to do this. Some say this desire is our life purpose. Others have said it is our desire to constantly better ourselves that is our purpose in life. I would say it is not clear if we are all born with the same purpose but it is evident that we are all born with a purpose or if you prefer a desire to which we are compelled to strive for that is if we can find out what it is and don’t get thwarted by forces with other aims before we can discover and achieve them.

All the things to which we experience or will eventually experience are not predestined: This is evident in the fact that we human beings can make choices as to the future outcomes of our lives. We can pick which choices to chose even if the only choices we can make are between continuing to try to live life or to let ourselves die. We all have choices we can make sometimes they are between greater number of options then they are at other times but, we always have choices.

The mere fact that us human beings are living this collective thing we call life must be in someway not an accident: This one some may not find so self evident. I would say this dos not make it any less true. In noway am I suggesting that the way things have gone is the way they where planed to go but rather the creation of life and the setting into motion the proses we have boded evolution was no mere accident. And yes I do along with the overwhelming majority of scientist believe that it is indeed evolution that has brought us human being to living this collective thing we call life.

A force or creature that’s greater then us must have had a hand in this collective thing we call life. This force or creature I choose to call it God because that is what we humans have daubed it for millions of millennia: So yeas I do believe in God and I would say I believe that God is the one who set evolution into motion which as I said above is the process I believe that lead to the creation of us human beings and the collective thing we call life that we are all experiencing on this planet of ours that we call Earth.

I believe that God has three parts, God the creator, God the redeemer and the spirit of God: About the three parts of God I said this in my personal credo statement; “The first being God the creator, i.e. that part of god which put evolution into motion. The second being God the corrector or redeemer, i.e. that part of God, which tries to bring its creatures, back from destructive ways as well attempting to assist them to never be destructive again. So the third and final part of God I believe it to be the spirit of God, i.e. that part of good that is within all of us. And I believe that God the spirit gets put in us by us coming into contact with the results of either God the creator or God the corrector.”.

That there is another force, one working against the forces of God as well as those who have been touched by it’s spirit. I call this evil force the Devil seeing that’s what we humans have daubed it for many billions of generations: I believe the devil is one, which feeds us lies and deceit in order for us to help it destroy us and this beautiful creation to which we find ourselves living in. And those who give into this force become its agents or henchpeople going around putting dawn others, the other animals and even this world to which we inhabit.

That we all have a soul of our own. And they are something which gives us our individual easiness: Basically this means that what we human beings have boded the soul is something which I believe all of us human beings have within us kind of like how we all have a heart or liver. I believe these souls are unique to each of us and not part of some greater thing such as a universal soul. I also believe that our souls are what makes all of us different from each other in more ways then just physical ones like or skin colour, hight and eye colour etcetera.

That wen we cease to live this life thing our bodies they decompose becoming fertilizer for this planet of ours. And then out of us comes our souls: I believe that wen we cease to live this life thing our bodies return to the earth and become fertilizer for the Earth’s life to flourish and that our individual souls leave our bodies and go on into the afterlife. And like I said in my personal credo statement “…if we tried to be good in our life our soul goes to live for eternity in God’s home, the place we humans have daubed Heaven. And if we were not good then it goes and toils forever in the Devils realm, yes the place we humans have dubbed Hell.”. But do I believe God sens human soul to hell no not in the slightest. So then how do some human souls end up going to Hell instead of Heaven wen we cease to live this life thing? Well it is because during our time on this planet we call Earth some of us human being have so deeply given in to the Devil and his fores that wen our souls are leaving our bodies at the end of this life on Earth thing they are so full of hurt and anger that they can’t see God inviting them to join him in Heaven but only the Devil calling them go to Hell. That is why it is so impotent for us to be kind and loving towards our fellow human beings wile we all are still living on this planet we call Earth.

So there you have it some expanded thoughts on my personal credo statement. In the next week or two I will bring you some beeper thoughts I have about my beliefs in Good and who they are moving me towards an ever grater alignment with Christian beliefs.

My favourite 40 songs, numbers 30-21

Last time I brought you numbers 40 to 31 of my 40 favourite songs. Now I am going to continue counting down my 40 favourite song by bringing you numbers 30 to number 21.

At number 30 we have a remake of the Eagles song “Desperado”. It is the Clint Black version from the 1993 album called Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles. In my opinion this album is one of the best albums of the 90’s and if you don’t already have it go and get yourself a copy today you won’t regret it. Plus you will see what made 90’s country so rocking good. This version of Desperado is admittedly not that different from the original but some times you just like the one you hear first the best even if it is not better then the original.

At number 29 we have “Somebody New” by Billy Ray Cyrus from his 1992 album It Won’t Be The Last. I must of listened to the cassette tape copy of this album I had growing up so many times ’cause I eventually wore it out. It Won’t Be The Last is by far my favourite Billy Ray Cyrus album and my favourite country album from the 90’s. This song is about a guy who is wishing his ex all the best and he even admits he hops she never finds somebody new.

At number 28 we have a stirring version of the Celtic folk song “House Carpenter” by the American acoustic progressive bluegrass group Nickel Creek from their 2002 album This Side. This song is about the Devil who temps a women to leave her husband a house carpenter and their new baby to go off to see. This leads to her feeling regret and longing for her husband and baby and to her eventual drowning on the sinking ship foll of gold. It is just so moving with wonderful picking and singing.

At number 27 we have the song “I Will Be” by Lila McCann from her 1999 album Something In The Air. It is a song that speaks about not giving up in the face of danger or hardship. It is just a really nice song of encouragement.

At number 26 we have the song “1999” by The Wilkinsons form their 2000 album Here and Now. It is About a lover who is urging her lover not to constantly reminisce about he’s ex lover he had back in 1999 and focuses on her or risk losing her. It has fun catchy lyrics which are a blast to singalong with.

At number 25 we have “Nobody Gets Too Much Love” by Canadian country singer Charlie Major from his 1993 album The Other Side. This is the first of several songs by Charlie Major on this list. it’s about the world and how it’s people are struggling to get enough love. Its chorus goes:
“Nobody, nobody gets too much love.
Nobody, nobody gets too much love.
Well, it’s never enough; No, it’s never too much;
Nobody gets too much love.”.

At number 24 we have another entry by Billy Ray Cyrus. This time it is “Casualty of Love” off of his 1994 album Storm in the Heartland. This songs features a hunting cautionary message from a mom to her son about the pitfalls of love. Its first verse goes:
“Mama used to tell me tales
‘Bout a part of town
Where people cry the blues
Most everyday
She said don’t go down there boy.
You know, love will cut you down
And you ain’t yet a man, hear what I say
She said listen to me, son, it’s so
Let me tell ya, I’ve been down there
And I know”.

At number 23 we have another entry by Nickel Creek. This time it is the song “Out Of The Woods” off of their self titled album from 2000. This song is one of those that is best listened to siting quietly in the dark. It is so so moving that it will give you wonderful chills.

At number 22 we have the second song by Charlie Major. It is “It Brakes My Heart” from his 2000 album 444. It is a stirring sad song about a Dad how is upset that he and his daughter’s Mom could not work things out allowing all of them to still live together.

At number 21 we have “You Were Mine” by “Dixie Chicks” from their 1998 album Wide Open Spaces. It is a song about the breakup of the parent of Dixie Chicks members and sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Robison. It is like the last song a stirring piece of music.

My favourite 40 songs, numbers 40-31

As I promised in my last post I will be counting dawn my 40 most favourite songs from number 40 to number 1. Today I will kick it off with the bottom 10 songs (40-31). But before I begin I think I ought to take a moment to tell you what I think makes for a great song and how I determined this list. For a song to be a great song I think it most have lyrics to which one can either relate to and or that makes them feel something. As well the more one desires to hear a song the greater I feel the song is for them. But it is not just lyrics that determine the relisten potential of a song, it is also the quality of the music. Good music can help the lyrics move the listening individual, but bad music can cause them to never wont to hear the song again. Also one can come to like a song regardless of the quality of the song and rather because they heard it during or at an impotent time or event in their lives. So this list is a list of songs that have spoken to me and caused me to keep coming back to listen to them time after time. As I don’t have listening stats and the fact that one tends to slant such a list a bit towards past listening habits and a bit in favourer of current listening desires it should be noted this list isn’t any different. So with out further ado here is the bottom 10 of my 40 favourite songs.

At number 40 we have the sole entry from Garth Books. It’s the song “The Change” from his 1995 album Fresh Horses. It was his tribute to the rescue workers who worked to save people from the wreckage caused by the Oklahoma bomber. The reason it resonates with me is the fact it speaks so well about the human desire to not let the hurtful acts of others bring us dawn.

At number 39 we have “Forever” a song by Fireflight from their 2008 album Unbreakable. The bands lead singer Dawn Michele says the fallowing about the song; “This is a song about being broken. It’s about being so torn down that you have to hear God’s voice to be able to go any further. But, it’s also about knowing without a shadow of a doubt that God will speak to you.”. Now I say is this not a message we all need to hear, I for one know it is one I need to consistently be reminded off.

At number 38 we have the song “Angels Working Over Time” by Deana Carter from her 1998 album Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. It tells the story of a girl who was born in the back of a Dodge who eventually ends up happy and in a place right for her, thanks to “angels working overtime”. I say who can not get socked in by this kind of story. If someone would expand it and make it in to a movie I am sure it would be wonderful as well.

At number 37 we have “Jimmy’s Got A Girlfriend” by my favourite group The Wilkinsons from their 2000 album Here And Now. Their song Jimmy’s Got A Girlfriend is a fun catchy little number about a guy named Jimmy who gets a girlfriend and falls in love with her and as a result has no more time to hangout with the guys. Brother Tyler and sister Amanda share lead vocals on this song. I wish more groups would use two vocalists like this in their songs. Like I said it’s a fun catchy little song and some times you just wont to hear something fun and catchy and this song sure fits the bill.

At number 36 we have “Gone Crazy” by Alan Jackson from his 1998 album High Mileage. It’s about a guy who is expressing his feelings about his lost love. It is a moving song. What more can I say except say again it is a moving song.

At number 35 we have “Brighter” by Paramore from their 2005 album All We Know Is Falling. Its about someone struggling to keep their love relationship from falling apart. It is just a great rocking little song with wonderfully cautionary lyrics.

At number 34 we have Avril Lavigne with “Tomorrow” from her 2002 album Let Go. It’s a song about someone who is thinking about tomorrow and musing about the fact they are not sure weather it will be good or not. This is definitely a felling a can relate to.

At number 33 we have “Perfect” by Flyleaf from their 2005 self tittled album. It’s lyrics say;
“Perfect in weakness.
I’m only perfect in just your strength alone”.
The “you” expressed in this lyric I interpret as referring to God. Hens this song is about the fact we sometimes fall short but we still are beautiful in Gods eyes and we have the strength to cary on wen we trust in him. Another of those song with a message I feel we would all do well to be remaindered of more often.

At number 32 we have the song “Fire In My Eyes” another song by Fireflight this time from their 2010 album For Those Who Wait. According to their lead singer Dawn Michele “Fire in My Eyes is about triumph. It’s about the overwhelming passion that consumes you when you fully accept the freedom that God’s unending love for you brings to your life.”. This is one of those songs about where we would like to be. I like many out their struggle to be where we would like to be and listening to this song well it reminds me that even though we struggle we can still hope for the better that is waiting out their for us to grab.

At number 31 we have “Patsy Come Home” by Billy Ray Cyrus from his 1994 album Storm In The Heartland. It’s a song abut a guy driving who sees a cardboard sine that simply reads “Pasty come home” and as he keeps driving he thinks about who loves her and who may be weighting for her return. This is one of those story songs that just hokes you in and gets you sympathizing with the character in it. But unlike most story songs this one is more of just a fleeting moment but still I find it quite powerful.

My blogging plans for 2011

The folks at WordPress.come have lunched a new blog called The Daily Post at On it they have initiated two challenges. For the more ambitious bloggers they are encouraging a post to be written, one for everyday in 2011. And for those bloggers who are still ambitious just not as ambitious as the more ambitious bloggers they are encouraging a post to be written, one for every week in 2011. I will be taking up the challenge to write a post a week in 2011 right here on Ramblingsofmymind. So you can look forward to louts of miniseries though out 2011 plus still some individual posts as well. The first one or these miniseries will begin this week or next week and it will consist of at least four posts. The subject of this initial miniseries will be a countdown of my 40 favourite songs. The plan is to reveal ten songs a post along with cometary and analysis on the songs and why I like them all in reverse order. In addition to me writing a post a week here on Ramblingsofmymind I will be continuing to post my poems over on my poetry blog Lyricsofmylife as they are written. Also I plan to move forward with my UU Quest project and that includes getting the UU Quest survey competed and posted on the UU Quest blog. So as you can see 2011 will be for me a busy but hopefully still fun and productive year of blogging.

What I think are the best albums of 2010

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There have been many great albums realist this year. So I thought I would give you a list of the ones I thought were the best. I generally think what makes an album great is its relisten ability. Yes an album that you can only stand to hear ones or twice or even just a few times I feel is not that good of an album. Also I think the quality of the lyrics that the songs on the album have is something that will determine whether or not the album is bad to only just good or if it is truly really a wonderful album. Just having good lyrics is not enough to make an album truly great. I feel the music also plays a crucial role in this. If the lyrics are over shadowed by the music cosing them to be hard to hear then this will bring dawn the relisten ability the album may otherwise have had. So with out further ado I give you my list of the best albums of 2010.

At number 5 we have a vary resent release from the Christian alternative rock band Flyleaf. It’s an extended play (EP) called “Remember To Live”. It includes 7 traces. The highlight on this EP is a track called “Okay” it was written in 2005 . As you can guess this EP is mostly old stuff. But that in no way makes it a repackaging of previously realist stuff. In fact it is mostly songs Flyleaf has don in consort that their fans have been asking them to record and release for years. The highlight track “Okay” is one of these songs. Okay it calls us to unify our thoughts with God’s and by doing this we can be saved by him. I.e. have him give us the ability to grab the best out of life. Overall it is an album that capturers the wonderful spiritual messages and powerful rock sounds typical of all past Flyleaf albums. I would have put it higher but as it is a vary new reseal I am not sure yet if its relisten ability is as high as some of the others. I give it a 4 out of five.

At number 4 we have an acoustic EP from Christian pop-rock singer Britt Nicole entitled simply “Acoustic”. On this EP we get 5 acoustic recording of songs from her first two albums “Say it” and “the lost Get fond” plus a newly recorded track called “Found By You”. If you liked the songs before you will still like them now. Yes some times by striping dawn the tracks the lyrics can shine even more and this is the case with this EP. I give it a 4 out of 5.

At number 3 we have “Beautiful History – A Hit Collection” by Christian alternative-tinged pop-rock singer Plumb. As the tittle of the album suggests it is indeed a greatest hist album. This album features two CDs. The first CD is made up of her biggest hits and a few new songs. Some of the big hits on this CD get new 2010 treatments. The second CD contains some of the many dance and club remixes that have been don of some of her hits. All in all it is a good album for the big Plumb fan as well as a good introductory one for one just getting into the music of Plumb. I give it 4 out of 5.

At number 2 we have “Reinvention” the second remix album by Christian rock group Superchick. This album is kind of like a hits collection but, instead of just giving us the hits the band has gone back into the studio to mix the hits into more danceable but still quite rocky versions of the originals. They even throw in a few new tracks. Overall this album may not do much for the casual fan of Superchick but for their big fans as well as the new to their music it will really get them pumped not to mention wonting more from them quick. Also this album is full of their signature positive hang in there messages in audition it will give hours and hours of listing pleaser to you. I give it a 4 and a half out of 5.

And at number 1 we have what I feel is the best album of 2010 and it is “For Those Who What” By Christian rock band Ferflight. One of the thinks good about it is its over arching message that hard and difficult times are things God uses to help us be stronger and more passionate about him and life. The stand out track from this album is “Fire in My Eyes”. Just look at this excerpt from it.
“Used to live my life
Locked up inside a room with no door before
You found a window, You broke it
And now I won’t be contained anymore”
Simply brilliant inset it. Well this album is really just one of those albums you will wont to put on wen you are feeling bombed out or just simply wanted to keep yourself positive and pressing foreword. I give it a 5 out of 5.

So there you have it my list of what I think are the best albums of 2010. I know these albums may not be for you if you don’t like rock music and especially if you are an atheist. But for others I think they may just find in them inspiration and courage to keep living life knowing that by trusting God we can’t fail at least in the long run.

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