Favourite Posts (from other bloggers)

What follows is a list of some of my favourite blog posts. They are not the favourite ones that I have written though I am sure I could make a list of those. They are rather my favourite blog posts from other bloggers within the ever-expanding world of the blogosphere. This list is divided for the moment into a list of blog posts written by Unitarian Universalists or about Unitarian Universalism, a list of blog posts written by Christians or about Christianity, a list of blog post written about anti-bullying and a list of blog posts on other topics. I have also indicated to which blog they are from. As well blog posts marked with G are about gender and ones marked with MC are about missional church or missionalism. A good explanation of missional church can be found here and this explains well its expression within Unitarian Universalisim. It should be noted that this list will keep expanding as I read more of the great blog posts out there. So keep checking back periodically to see what I have added.

Posts by Unitarian Universalists or about Unitarian Universalism:

A Material Sojourn

·MC Missional Unitarian Universalism: a layman’s persective.
·Keeping the Faith, Lossing My Religion.
·I cannot call myself a Unitarian Universalist
·Covenant is a magic word, but not a magic pill
·Polity Problems: How is it helping in the Modern World?
·What makes a (UU) church?
·Why I’m staying a UU
·Without Principles, what is a UU?

A UU in Israel

·The dilemma of openness versus faith

a UU Deist in Texas

·My UU church must change

Born Again UU

·Too stupid to be UU? Not possible!
·My Personal Journey Toward UUism

Boy in the Bands

·What resources should we start with?
·Say no five times (sure to irritate everyone)
·The youth resolution and the Obama generation

Burbania Posts!

·So Who Are The UU Christians?

Celestial Lands

·The Question; (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 4), (Part 5)

chalice_circle (LiveJournal Community)

·A Reflection on YRUU High School Conferences
·youth empowerment curriculum

City of Refuge

·Unitarian Universalist Identity, Creeds & Covenant

Coffee Hour

·Tipping Points


·Why I’m not a Universalist; part one, part 2

Dale Husband’s Intellectual Rants

·UUs need to stop being anti-Christian

Deep River

·Guest Post: Mike Mallory Tackles the Big Issues
·No Room For Debate: “What is UU?”
·The Pluralism Question within Unitarian Universalism
·Why I am a Christian, Why I am a Christian: What I Really Mean
·The Trouble that Needs Making – One Vision for UU


·What if UU Church was also for us?

Held In The Light

·The Liberal Church Finding Its Mission: It’s Not About You

Inner Light Radiant Life

·Belief and the Unitarian Universalist


·Open Letter to a Kindred Spirit: Why I am UU

news from the underground

·MC My Best Shot at Defining “Missional”
·MC Moving Beyond the Box, a Missional Postflection
·MC Moving Beyond the Box Preflection
·MC Liberal and Missional?


·The Patience To Remain
·Growing Up May Be The Only Thing That Leads To Growth
·MC Love Is More Important Than Freedom
·MC The Missional Church and Unitarian Universalism

peaceful turmoil

·For Mizz Bang on her critique of UUism


·Multiple Cores of Unitarian Universalism

Seattleite from Syracuse

·Missions. Purposes. Origins. Uh…

Soul Seeds

·Letter To Joseph
·Paths to Self-Acceptance
·The Eclectic Church of the Future
·What Kind of Unitarian Universalist Are You?
·Reading the Bible Again for the First Time

Spark Within

·G Seeing Gender Differently as a Spiritual Practice
·Rise Now and Greet Your Neighbour

Spirituality and Sunflowers

·My Mission
·I know my mission. Where did it come from though? Existential Crisis #924.
·Lightning struck more than once today
·Maybe Services should be MORE like Sunday School
·Splitting Young Adult from Youth
·Why I Am A Bad Unitarian; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Why I am a Good Unitarian after all.
·Remember – Not Everyone Works a 9-5 Job in your Congregation
·Am I too stupid to be a UU?
·To Whom it May Concern – a Church Vent

Sunflower Chalice

·MC Mission and Church Growth
·MC Now Get Outta Here: Church as Launching Pad not Destination
·Unitarian Universalism as One Big Codependent System
·Unitarian Universalist attitudes towards Christianity as Aversion Addiction

The Chaliceblog

·Response to TK – CC’s stab at Church Polity for UU Noobs

The Journey

·MC Being Missionaries, or “What if …”


·A Different Tribe for a Different World.
·A Brief History of the “Old School” UU ‘s
·MC What is it about? Thoughts on Peter Boullata’s excellent blogpost.

The Red Pill Brethren

·MC Where Shall We Go From Here?

the Socinian

·What a Great UU Church Could Be

The UU Growth Blog

·UU Troublemakers Wanted
·The Cost of Losing Our Children – guest post by Rev. Christana Wille McKnight
·“Born UU Who Stuck and Why” survey by the Rev. Terry Sweetser

The Welcome Table

·MC What The “None World” Requires of Us

thoughts ON

·It’s a… child! The downlow on (some of) those wacky genderqueer folks.
·And a small cupcake will guide them

Transient and Permanent

·Was a New Religion Founded in 1961, or Not?
·A Chosen Faith?
·Membership is Weird
·Can Religious Liberals Talk About the Kingdom of God?
·Why Don’t Your Local Unitarian-Universalist Churches Meet Your Needs?
·Replacing or Supplementing the UUA?
·How Many UUs are There in the USA?
·Two Unitarian-Universalisms

Wondertwisted’s Blog

·The S-word
·A “Dear John” Letter to Unitarian Universalism

Yet Another Unitarian Universalist, v.1

·Some criteria for seriously innovative worship
·Small religious education programs; pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3, pt. 4, pt. 5, pt. 6

Youth and Young Adult Empowerment Resolution

·Super-Edited Resolution for YAYA Empowerment
·Letter to Youth and Young Adults
·Youth and Young Adult Empowerment Resolution

Posts by Christians or about Christianity:

New Ways Ministry

·G Gender Ideology, Transgender Reality: A Deacon Parent’s Perspective

The Theological Wanderings of a Street Pastor

·The Real Story (Not Satire)
·A Biblical Guide to Debunking the Heterosexual Agenda


·G The Tearing of the Tumtum: A Re-Evaluation of Gender

Posts about anti-bullying:

Bullying Stories

·Bullying Victims Have More Health Issues
·Myths and Misperceptions about School Bullying
·Big Nose & Black Eye Graphic Novel (Incident 8.5)
·One Really Scary Guy
·The Pink Shirt Gang Fights Back
·Bully Incident #8: The Big Nose & The Black Eye (1979)
·Bully Incident #6: The Principal (1977)

Neil Dickson’s Blog

·Bullying is Legally Torture

Odd One Out

·Different Vs. Indifferent

Together For Jackson County Kids

·G One teachers approach to preventing gender bullying in a classroom

Posts on other topics:

American Trans Man

·G 14 Reasons Why It’s Not Okay to Out Someone as Trans – A Public Service Announcement From Your Friendly, Neighborhood Trans Person


·G I’m a Transgender Woman, and This Is What It’s Like

Gender Neutral Pronoun Blog

·G The Need for a Gender-Neutral Pronoun

Let’s Queer Things Up!

·G Trauma and Transness: Why I Didn’t ‘Always Know’ I Was Transgender

Robot Hugs

·G Pronoun Etiquette


·G Stop Confusing Gender Dysphoria With Body Dysmorphia Already


·DIY Monday: How to…5 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Blog Header! Give it a go!

The Orbit

·G “That was dysphoria?” 8 signs and symptoms of indirect gender dysphoria


·G Ask Matt: Are There Different Ways to Be Transgender?

You may also find of interest the list of UU Documents And Resources I am mantling over on UU Quest.


5 responses to “Favourite Posts (from other bloggers)

  1. I am honored to be on your list. Thank you for your push to help those who have dealt with the long-term effects of bullying.


  2. Thank you for making this list. I see a lot of “friends” along side new faces. I appreciate the resource, and I am humbled to be included. I don’t know that I feel I belong on the list at all, but being at the top of the page is truly humbling.


  3. Thomas thanks for the thanks. About being at the top of the page, well it is only do to your blogs name beginning with an earlier letter of the alphabet then the others on the “Posts by Unitarian Universalists or about Unitarian Universalism” list.


    • I did notice that part, but it is still a LOT of pressure!
      Again, thank you! The appreciation makes it worthwhile to put myself out there. I am on a strange and personal journey, and it isn’t always easy to share so much of it. I know that I am not completely alone (isn’t the internet wonderful?), and that my words help others by comforting them, challenging them, or just giving them new words for ideas that they’ve been wrestling with. That is what has made this both a labor of love and a duty to those who might otherwise feel more lonely in their own search for truth and meaning.
      We need people like you who not only contribute to the discussion directly, but also help facilitate all of us finding each other and remembering that almost none of our problems or concerns are truly unique.


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