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I am going to pause for a moment from posting my poems to bring you an announcement. Don’t worry I will be posting new poems of mine right here real soon. What is this announcement? Well I can finally say that my debut album called “Alien Landscapes” will be available for free streaming and free download starting Wednesday September 5 at 9 am Atlantic Daylight Time on my new Bandcamp page. What kind of album is Alien Landscapes? No it is not a poetry album. In fact it is a soundscape album. If you are unfamiliar with what a soundscape is Wiktionary describe it this way:

1. An acoustic environment, a virtual/emotional environment created using sound.
2. A soundscape composition – an electroacoustic musical composition creating a sound portrait of a sound environment.

Alien Landscapes will be made up of 41 tracks. Each track will be an individual soundscape…

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