Blogs By UU Christian And UU Christian Leaning Folks

flaming chalice & cross
What follows is a list off blogs by Unitarian Universalists (UUs) who are either Christian or Christian leaning. It should be noted that this list will no doubt grow as I discover and am made aware of more blogs by UUs who are Christian or Christian leaning and as more such folks enter the ever-expanding UU blogosphere. So if you know of a compatible blog do leave a comment below or e-mail me at with “UU Christian Blogs” in the subject line and I will gladly add it to this list. I hope that this list serves a need. If you find this list useful do consider bookmarking it and checking back periodically to see what I have added. But if it is not for you but you know of someone who may benefit form it do pass it along to them. Alternatively you can use this feed to link to them in your RSS reader of chose or this link to search them using Google Custom Search. As well as this list I have a list of the UU Christian and UU Christian leaning folks that tweet over on my Twitter page.

·(me Devin Murphy) This web site Realmdee, Lyricsofmylife
·(Scott Wells) Boy in the Bands
·(RevEliot) Burbania Posts!
·(DairyStateDad) DairyStateDad
·(LaVerne Coan) Lifting the Spirit: Experience of a UU Christian
·(Rev. Naomi King) The Wonderment, UniversalistPrayers, City of Refuge
·(Rev. Ron Robinson) Planting God Communities, The Christian Year
·(Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship (blog)) Freely Following Jesus
·(Mickbic) LettuceGoSout
·(fausto) the Socinian
·(LT, the lively traditionalist) thelivelytradition
·(Barnahy) Jesus who?!?
·(Demas) live from thessalonica
·(Crystal St. Marie Lewis) Crystal St. Marie Lewis
·(Rev. Tony) Sunflower Chalice
·(Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein)

One response to “Blogs By UU Christian And UU Christian Leaning Folks

  1. Just noticed that you listed me. I feel honored to be listed among such wonderful blogs!


    “Jesus Was A Heretic, Too.”


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