About Realmdee
This blog is called Realmdee which is Devin Kira Murphy’s realm of religion, music and life. It began back in January 2007, and was known as Ramblingsofmymind up until July 3, 2012.

About Devin Kira Murphy

Devin Kira Murphy is a transgender female, raised Unitarian Universalist, Christian, artist (soundscape, visual, poetry), has a j-pouch, Irlen syndrome, learning disabilities, is a fan of organic smooth peanut butter, Canadian Premier League, green politics (Green Party of Canada, Green Party of Ontario), Orphan Black, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY), music (country, Christian rock, oldies, space music).

Personal Web Presences
Devin has this blog Realmdee, which as mentioned above, is her realm of religion, music and life;

The UU Quest blog, maintained for archival purposes, is the wed home to a Unitarian Universalist journey also called UU Quest;

A Wikipedia account as realmdee;

A YouTube account as realmdee on which you can watch some of her favourite videos;

And a Gravatar Profile.

Art Web Presences
For Devin’s art web presences visit the about page of her poetry blog Lyricsofmylife.

If you would like to contact Devin Kira Murphy you can by e-mail at realm_dee@yahoo.ca. She can also be followed over on both Facebook and Twitter.