Why I believe the spiritual things I believe

I feel it is my duty as a religious seeker, especially as one who was raised as and is currently a Unitarian Universalist (UU) to examine what I believe regarding spiritual things. For one so I don’t just blindly believe in my spiritual beliefs without first taking a good look as to why I believe in them. This examination process I would say will help me to see if they are healthy or destructive to me and whether or not I truly believe them in my deepest core or if I only believe them because many of my fellow UUs believe them. I am not saying that I shouldn’t ever holed spiritual beliefs that are the same as my peers but, rather only if I feel them to be true in the deepest cure of my being. I also believe if I ever wont to grow more comfortable living a life that is in line with the spiritual beliefs I do holed, a good place for me to start is for me to do the examination of them in the open with others who are also examining their own spiritual beliefs. I will begin be examining why I believe the spiritual things I declared as my spiritual beliefs in my personal credo statement. In my personal credo statement I said I believe the following.

That there is a purpose to this life: Us human being we have a desire that some say is ingrained in us to feel a need to learn why thing are the way they are. We have used religion and we continue to use religion but know we also use science to help us to do this. Some say this desire is our life purpose. Others have said it is our desire to constantly better ourselves that is our purpose in life. I would say it is not clear if we are all born with the same purpose but it is evident that we are all born with a purpose or if you prefer a desire to which we are compelled to strive for that is if we can find out what it is and don’t get thwarted by forces with other aims before we can discover and achieve them.

All the things to which we experience or will eventually experience are not predestined: This is evident in the fact that we human beings can make choices as to the future outcomes of our lives. We can pick which choices to chose even if the only choices we can make are between continuing to try to live life or to let ourselves die. We all have choices we can make sometimes they are between greater number of options then they are at other times but, we always have choices.

The mere fact that us human beings are living this collective thing we call life must be in someway not an accident: This one some may not find so self evident. I would say this dos not make it any less true. In noway am I suggesting that the way things have gone is the way they where planed to go but rather the creation of life and the setting into motion the proses we have boded evolution was no mere accident. And yes I do along with the overwhelming majority of scientist believe that it is indeed evolution that has brought us human being to living this collective thing we call life.

A force or creature that’s greater then us must have had a hand in this collective thing we call life. This force or creature I choose to call it God because that is what we humans have daubed it for millions of millennia: So yeas I do believe in God and I would say I believe that God is the one who set evolution into motion which as I said above is the process I believe that lead to the creation of us human beings and the collective thing we call life that we are all experiencing on this planet of ours that we call Earth.

I believe that God has three parts, God the creator, God the redeemer and the spirit of God: About the three parts of God I said this in my personal credo statement; “The first being God the creator, i.e. that part of god which put evolution into motion. The second being God the corrector or redeemer, i.e. that part of God, which tries to bring its creatures, back from destructive ways as well attempting to assist them to never be destructive again. So the third and final part of God I believe it to be the spirit of God, i.e. that part of good that is within all of us. And I believe that God the spirit gets put in us by us coming into contact with the results of either God the creator or God the corrector.”.

That there is another force, one working against the forces of God as well as those who have been touched by it’s spirit. I call this evil force the Devil seeing that’s what we humans have daubed it for many billions of generations: I believe the devil is one, which feeds us lies and deceit in order for us to help it destroy us and this beautiful creation to which we find ourselves living in. And those who give into this force become its agents or henchpeople going around putting dawn others, the other animals and even this world to which we inhabit.

That we all have a soul of our own. And they are something which gives us our individual easiness: Basically this means that what we human beings have boded the soul is something which I believe all of us human beings have within us kind of like how we all have a heart or liver. I believe these souls are unique to each of us and not part of some greater thing such as a universal soul. I also believe that our souls are what makes all of us different from each other in more ways then just physical ones like or skin colour, hight and eye colour etcetera.

That wen we cease to live this life thing our bodies they decompose becoming fertilizer for this planet of ours. And then out of us comes our souls: I believe that wen we cease to live this life thing our bodies return to the earth and become fertilizer for the Earth’s life to flourish and that our individual souls leave our bodies and go on into the afterlife. And like I said in my personal credo statement “…if we tried to be good in our life our soul goes to live for eternity in God’s home, the place we humans have daubed Heaven. And if we were not good then it goes and toils forever in the Devils realm, yes the place we humans have dubbed Hell.”. But do I believe God sens human soul to hell no not in the slightest. So then how do some human souls end up going to Hell instead of Heaven wen we cease to live this life thing? Well it is because during our time on this planet we call Earth some of us human being have so deeply given in to the Devil and his fores that wen our souls are leaving our bodies at the end of this life on Earth thing they are so full of hurt and anger that they can’t see God inviting them to join him in Heaven but only the Devil calling them go to Hell. That is why it is so impotent for us to be kind and loving towards our fellow human beings wile we all are still living on this planet we call Earth.

So there you have it some expanded thoughts on my personal credo statement. In the next week or two I will bring you some beeper thoughts I have about my beliefs in Good and who they are moving me towards an ever grater alignment with Christian beliefs.

3 responses to “Why I believe the spiritual things I believe

  1. I posted my own credo and covenant here


    • Joel I may not believe what you believe spiritually but I was glad you shared your credo and covenant with me. It is this sharing that will not push folks away from Unitarian Universalism (UU) but rather bring more into its folds. And I think this is ultimately vary good for UU and its adherents.


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