My favourite 40 songs, numbers 30-21

Last time I brought you numbers 40 to 31 of my 40 favourite songs. Now I am going to continue counting down my 40 favourite song by bringing you numbers 30 to number 21.

At number 30 we have a remake of the Eagles song “Desperado”. It is the Clint Black version from the 1993 album called Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles. In my opinion this album is one of the best albums of the 90’s and if you don’t already have it go and get yourself a copy today you won’t regret it. Plus you will see what made 90’s country so rocking good. This version of Desperado is admittedly not that different from the original but some times you just like the one you hear first the best even if it is not better then the original.

At number 29 we have “Somebody New” by Billy Ray Cyrus from his 1992 album It Won’t Be The Last. I must of listened to the cassette tape copy of this album I had growing up so many times ’cause I eventually wore it out. It Won’t Be The Last is by far my favourite Billy Ray Cyrus album and my favourite country album from the 90’s. This song is about a guy who is wishing his ex all the best and he even admits he hops she never finds somebody new.

At number 28 we have a stirring version of the Celtic folk song “House Carpenter” by the American acoustic progressive bluegrass group Nickel Creek from their 2002 album This Side. This song is about the Devil who temps a women to leave her husband a house carpenter and their new baby to go off to see. This leads to her feeling regret and longing for her husband and baby and to her eventual drowning on the sinking ship foll of gold. It is just so moving with wonderful picking and singing.

At number 27 we have the song “I Will Be” by Lila McCann from her 1999 album Something In The Air. It is a song that speaks about not giving up in the face of danger or hardship. It is just a really nice song of encouragement.

At number 26 we have the song “1999” by The Wilkinsons form their 2000 album Here and Now. It is About a lover who is urging her lover not to constantly reminisce about he’s ex lover he had back in 1999 and focuses on her or risk losing her. It has fun catchy lyrics which are a blast to singalong with.

At number 25 we have “Nobody Gets Too Much Love” by Canadian country singer Charlie Major from his 1993 album The Other Side. This is the first of several songs by Charlie Major on this list. it’s about the world and how it’s people are struggling to get enough love. Its chorus goes:
“Nobody, nobody gets too much love.
Nobody, nobody gets too much love.
Well, it’s never enough; No, it’s never too much;
Nobody gets too much love.”.

At number 24 we have another entry by Billy Ray Cyrus. This time it is “Casualty of Love” off of his 1994 album Storm in the Heartland. This songs features a hunting cautionary message from a mom to her son about the pitfalls of love. Its first verse goes:
“Mama used to tell me tales
‘Bout a part of town
Where people cry the blues
Most everyday
She said don’t go down there boy.
You know, love will cut you down
And you ain’t yet a man, hear what I say
She said listen to me, son, it’s so
Let me tell ya, I’ve been down there
And I know”.

At number 23 we have another entry by Nickel Creek. This time it is the song “Out Of The Woods” off of their self titled album from 2000. This song is one of those that is best listened to siting quietly in the dark. It is so so moving that it will give you wonderful chills.

At number 22 we have the second song by Charlie Major. It is “It Brakes My Heart” from his 2000 album 444. It is a stirring sad song about a Dad how is upset that he and his daughter’s Mom could not work things out allowing all of them to still live together.

At number 21 we have “You Were Mine” by “Dixie Chicks” from their 1998 album Wide Open Spaces. It is a song about the breakup of the parent of Dixie Chicks members and sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Robison. It is like the last song a stirring piece of music.

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