My favourite 40 songs, numbers 40-31

As I promised in my last post I will be counting dawn my 40 most favourite songs from number 40 to number 1. Today I will kick it off with the bottom 10 songs (40-31). But before I begin I think I ought to take a moment to tell you what I think makes for a great song and how I determined this list. For a song to be a great song I think it most have lyrics to which one can either relate to and or that makes them feel something. As well the more one desires to hear a song the greater I feel the song is for them. But it is not just lyrics that determine the relisten potential of a song, it is also the quality of the music. Good music can help the lyrics move the listening individual, but bad music can cause them to never wont to hear the song again. Also one can come to like a song regardless of the quality of the song and rather because they heard it during or at an impotent time or event in their lives. So this list is a list of songs that have spoken to me and caused me to keep coming back to listen to them time after time. As I don’t have listening stats and the fact that one tends to slant such a list a bit towards past listening habits and a bit in favourer of current listening desires it should be noted this list isn’t any different. So with out further ado here is the bottom 10 of my 40 favourite songs.

At number 40 we have the sole entry from Garth Books. It’s the song “The Change” from his 1995 album Fresh Horses. It was his tribute to the rescue workers who worked to save people from the wreckage caused by the Oklahoma bomber. The reason it resonates with me is the fact it speaks so well about the human desire to not let the hurtful acts of others bring us dawn.

At number 39 we have “Forever” a song by Fireflight from their 2008 album Unbreakable. The bands lead singer Dawn Michele says the fallowing about the song; “This is a song about being broken. It’s about being so torn down that you have to hear God’s voice to be able to go any further. But, it’s also about knowing without a shadow of a doubt that God will speak to you.”. Now I say is this not a message we all need to hear, I for one know it is one I need to consistently be reminded off.

At number 38 we have the song “Angels Working Over Time” by Deana Carter from her 1998 album Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. It tells the story of a girl who was born in the back of a Dodge who eventually ends up happy and in a place right for her, thanks to “angels working overtime”. I say who can not get socked in by this kind of story. If someone would expand it and make it in to a movie I am sure it would be wonderful as well.

At number 37 we have “Jimmy’s Got A Girlfriend” by my favourite group The Wilkinsons from their 2000 album Here And Now. Their song Jimmy’s Got A Girlfriend is a fun catchy little number about a guy named Jimmy who gets a girlfriend and falls in love with her and as a result has no more time to hangout with the guys. Brother Tyler and sister Amanda share lead vocals on this song. I wish more groups would use two vocalists like this in their songs. Like I said it’s a fun catchy little song and some times you just wont to hear something fun and catchy and this song sure fits the bill.

At number 36 we have “Gone Crazy” by Alan Jackson from his 1998 album High Mileage. It’s about a guy who is expressing his feelings about his lost love. It is a moving song. What more can I say except say again it is a moving song.

At number 35 we have “Brighter” by Paramore from their 2005 album All We Know Is Falling. Its about someone struggling to keep their love relationship from falling apart. It is just a great rocking little song with wonderfully cautionary lyrics.

At number 34 we have Avril Lavigne with “Tomorrow” from her 2002 album Let Go. It’s a song about someone who is thinking about tomorrow and musing about the fact they are not sure weather it will be good or not. This is definitely a felling a can relate to.

At number 33 we have “Perfect” by Flyleaf from their 2005 self tittled album. It’s lyrics say;
“Perfect in weakness.
I’m only perfect in just your strength alone”.
The “you” expressed in this lyric I interpret as referring to God. Hens this song is about the fact we sometimes fall short but we still are beautiful in Gods eyes and we have the strength to cary on wen we trust in him. Another of those song with a message I feel we would all do well to be remaindered of more often.

At number 32 we have the song “Fire In My Eyes” another song by Fireflight this time from their 2010 album For Those Who Wait. According to their lead singer Dawn Michele “Fire in My Eyes is about triumph. It’s about the overwhelming passion that consumes you when you fully accept the freedom that God’s unending love for you brings to your life.”. This is one of those songs about where we would like to be. I like many out their struggle to be where we would like to be and listening to this song well it reminds me that even though we struggle we can still hope for the better that is waiting out their for us to grab.

At number 31 we have “Patsy Come Home” by Billy Ray Cyrus from his 1994 album Storm In The Heartland. It’s a song abut a guy driving who sees a cardboard sine that simply reads “Pasty come home” and as he keeps driving he thinks about who loves her and who may be weighting for her return. This is one of those story songs that just hokes you in and gets you sympathizing with the character in it. But unlike most story songs this one is more of just a fleeting moment but still I find it quite powerful.

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