Blogs by UU Christians and Christian leaning UUs – now searchable via Google Custom Search

In addition to being able to bookmark, and subscribe via RSS to my list of blogs by Unitarian Universalist (UU) Christian and UU Christian leaning folks, you can now also search them via Google Custom Search. I hope you find this new search capability useful and fun to use.

5 responses to “Blogs by UU Christians and Christian leaning UUs – now searchable via Google Custom Search

  1. Thank you for organizing this.


  2. Unitarian Ministries International is a small, American-based,Unitarian Christian denomination (501c3 approved) with connections to Unitarian Christians around the world. (It is not connected with, nor in competition with, the UUA). It is for those of us who identify with a historic, Unitarian Christianity. I invite all to utilize the many Unitarian Christian resources there.) Kind regards, The Reverend Stephen York (Member, Board of Ministers, UMI).


  3. Thanks Scott Wells for your kind comment. Also Thanks Stephen York for the info I’m sure some will find it of interest but, this list is only for UU’s who are Christian or Christian leaning and that includes UU’s who identify with historic Unitarian Christianity. This list is whoever not meant for Unitarian Christians that don’t identify with UUism, ’cause that’s another cup of tea altogether. I’m not interested in going their as I wont to keep the conversation within UUism/hear UU’s thoughts on Christianity. Still I wish you all the lock in the world with your religious endeavourers.


  4. As I am not an American but rather a Canadian the UUA is not my denomination, rather the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) is my denomination. It should be noted that the CUC is not devoted to Unitarian Christianity but rattier modern Unitarian Universalism like the UUA and that the term Unitarianism is generally used as a short hand for Unitarian Universalism here in Canada. I for one don’t like to use Unitarianism as a short hand for Unitarian Universalism but rather UUism as its short hand. The reason for this is using Unitarianism in this way instead of UUism can lead to muddying of the theological waters (i.e. confusion as to who and what UUism is).


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