Seeking blogs by UU Christians and Christian leaning UUs

I am finding my religious beliefs moving in the detection of Christianity but, I don’t think I can yet call myself a Christian. I am also fining that my connection to Unitarian Universalism (UU) my life long religious community is only getting stronger. My love of teaching UU Sunday school and gathering with my fellow UU young adults for fun and religious nourishment it, only seams to be growing. And If you checked the music on my computer you would find it is made up of tons of modern country music and yup Christian rock music as well. You would even notes if you looked at the music a bit more closely that the Christian rock tends to be newer additions then the country. Also if you were to take a look at my web history that I tend to visit mostly UU blogs and web sites and more resistantly, I have been one the hunt for ones with both a UU and a Christian theme to theme. I was thinking it would help me and probably others who are moving in this religious direction if, their could be a list off blogs by UU’s who are either Christian or Christian leaning folks. Such a list would help us to 1. realize even though we are a small minority’s minority we, are not alone and 2. give us people to discus Christianity from a UU prospective as well as its place in our lives and our UU lives with. I could create a page here on this blog of mine for them to be listed on. All I need to start this page is for you to send me some. I await your submissions.

7 responses to “Seeking blogs by UU Christians and Christian leaning UUs

  1. We may be a minority but we are embarrassingly prolific on the interwebs. You can check out my blog if you wish, but I would also recomment if you are not familiar with it. It is the web ministry of the incomparable Rev. Scott Wells…


  2. My new blog is a Universalist blog – not sure if you are counting that in your Christian blog list. It’s at Blessings! – Anna


  3. Thanks Adam Tierney-Eliot and Anna Snoeyenbos I have add your suggestions plus a few more I new. It is early days for this list so I may be tweaking the format a bit over the next few day till I get it right. And a gain thanks.


  4. Hi Devin, I agree with Adam, we’re very intent on sharing the good news.

    I blog in three places:

    Rev. Ron Robinson blogs at Planting God Communities, chronicling what they’re doing planting an intentional UU Christian community:

    Freely Following Jesus:

    There are more as we’re widespread in the e-catacombs.


  5. I became a Christian about 1959 and a UU about 1992. I purposely only post to my blog about six times a year. You might be interested in my recent post about Dallas Willard.


  6. Hello. I’m a Christian UU. I blog about my journey at 🙂


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