A UU Theists’ Weekend?

My religious beliefs have shifted towards theism, more particularly in the detection of trinitarianism and even possibly towards Christianity of some undefined bent starting most profoundly about three or so years ago. But as one who was raised in and is still deeply connected to Unitarian Universalism’s (UU’s) places of communal gathering and deeply a fan of its ways of approaching religion this has resulted in me having what you could say is a religious quagmire of sorts. My religious quagmire is this; is the joy I get from being involved in UU including the wonderful feelings I get as a result of being a religious exploration teacher for the junior youth at my church the Unitarian Church of Montreal plus, the nourishing feeling I get from hanging with my fellow UU young adults whether, that be locally in Montreal, more regionally at the young adult weekend at Unicamp (Ontario’s UU Camp) or nationally with young adults at the Canadian Unitarian Council’s Annual Conference and Meeting worth the sacrifice it seems to in tale for me? This sacrifice is me not having my need to live a God centred life fulfilled. I was thinking about all this last week and a possible solution came to me. It was this; holed a retreat weekend for UU theists at Unicamp next summer. Why a retreat weekend? Well because it would be I think a great way to gather together this minority among a minority. At this weekend retreat their could be discussions on things such as; the roll of music in our personal religious practices as well as on prayer, and maybe even the bible. We could even talk about how these things and others as well relate and work or don’t so much within UU. So is any one or dos anyone know of UU folks who would want to go or benefit form a weekend like this. Yes a weekend full of lots of worshiping, good food and of cores good company as well. I would of cores take the lead in organizing it including booking the place and spreading the word. I would make it open to any UU not just Canadian UU’s. I could come up with a poster of cores with the impute of those interested in coming. So if you are interested in this or something simpler or, if you know of someone who may be then do leave a comment and we can go from there.

3 responses to “A UU Theists’ Weekend?

  1. Hi Devin – as a Trinitarian, you might be interested in the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship’s Revival — this October, it will be outside of Dallas, TX, but it moves around every year. http://www.uuchristian.org/ is the website.

    There are, of course, other theists in Unitarian Universalism — I am one of them.

    God calls us in many ways. I’d love to know more about why you feel you’re not able to live a God-centered life where you are.


  2. “There are, of course, other theists in Unitarian Universalism — I am one of them.”

    Does that mean that I can remove your south-west Florida church from the short list of suspects which was created by PaganMama’s comment about anti-pagan and anti-Christian U*Us Naomi?


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