Crazy legs middle aged white man

There is this video that is up on YouTube entitled “Crazy legs middle aged white man”. It’s a video of my dad (Francis) dancing onstage during a Michael Jackson tribute medley. This medley was part of British R&B singer Estelle’s concert on the main stage at this year’s (the 2009) Ottawa Bluesfest on Sunday July 12. How it all came about? Well Estelle, she had just finished dancing with some invited guests form the audience and was about to launch into a Michael Jackson tribute medley when my dad yelled pick me or something to that effect. And before anyone new it he had been invited up and was quickly climbing on stage to shake his thing with her dancers. He danced along with the dancers during the whole Jackson tribute medley number. Then he made his excite off of the stage and back into the audience. He was cheered on be his favourite oldest son (me) and some of his Bluesfest acquaintances. It was a time to remember.

2 responses to “Crazy legs middle aged white man

  1. Devin, I just laughed out loud watching your Dad have so much fun dancing up there on stage….thanks for that! Hang in out there, I think it is great that you are in farm country! Take care, Christine


  2. Glad to here it Christine. It was even better wen I saw it live. I will never forget it.


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