I am going to read the Bible in 90 days…

I have discovered this Bible reading program called The Bible in 90 Days. It divides the Bible into 88 day chunks, with two lag days, thus it enables you to read the Bible in 90 days like its name applies. And yes I am going to attempt to do this program starting on Monday, meaning I should be finishing reading the bible by the end of August. As one who was raised in a Unitarian Universalist community, I did not get much bible education back in my childhood Sunday school’s religious exploration classes. Well except a bit about Moses, the Passover story and yes the Christmas story. So this is going to be quit a learning experience for me. So why am I embarking on this summer reading challenge? Well the more I hear about liberal Christian beliefs, especially Trinitarian ones, the more I find myself feeling yes these things seem right for me. So I am going to read the bible to find out more about them. Yes there is nothing better then an exploration of the sources of something to understand it better. And the bible translation I have chosen to use is the New Living Translation. So at least ons or twice over this summer I will post about this. And I will do a overall review of this and post it in early September. So if you won’t to take this challenge up too, just head over to BibleGateway.com and search for 90 Days under the Reading Plans section. And yes you don’t even need to own your own copy of the bible because over on BibleGateway.com you can choose from many of the most popular translations and read it right there in its entirety.

2 responses to “I am going to read the Bible in 90 days…

  1. May I ask why you’re using the New Living Translation? I can understand not wanting to go to academic and choosing something like the NRSV, but if you’re interested in liberal Christian thought, the NLT ain’t got it.

    Might I suggest the ESV or New Jerusalem (the Reader’s Edition) or the New American translations.

    I applaud you in your effort to read the Bible.


  2. I did try the New Jerusalem but I found it’s language to be not to my liking, a bit to dry for me in fact. Regarding the English Standard Version well I did not give it consideration because wen I first read snippets from the New Living Translation I found it’s language stile to be simple and somewhat poetic and modern without being ultramodern. I guess I just found its language stile appealing to me that’s all.


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