Devin Murphy’s List of Life Goals (Version 1.1)

This is a revision of my personal list of life goals. If you go here and have a look at the original incarnation you will notes that their were some things on the list that I have removed from this list do to the fact I did not have the financial ability to attend and the resulting fact they have taken place with out me being at them. Also you will notes I have added an item to the list as well as completing one of them.


What fallow is a list of goals to which I hop to achieve. And some of these goals are short-term goals achievable in a few years, months or even just weeks. But others are more long-term goals only achievable by the fruition of some of the short-term goals. And it is worth noting that this list was inspired by a workshop, which was port of a coming of age retreat to which I helped to facilitate not this Fall but last Fall. And it is also worth noting that the very workshop that inspired this list was itself inspired by the one and only John Goddard and his “Life List” of 127 goals to which he wrote way back in 1940 at the age of 15 will living in LA. It is as well worth mentioning he has to date completed 104 of his 127 goals. Now I am not saying that I will necessarily be like John and complete the majority of my goals, but I do hop to complete a godly some of them over the coming years of my life. Ok I am only 26 not as young as Goddard was wen he wrote his list but I still think I am young enough to make a big bent in my list. A list to which I am sure will continue to wax and wane as I complete and add new stuff to the list and from time to time even removing a few items from the list whether do to an inability to no longer achieve them or a change of interest on my part.

Devin Murphy’s List of Life Goals

Things To study/research:
-The long-term affects of bullying on the bullied
-Learning styles
-Teaching styles and teaching techniques/approaches
-The causes of bullying
-From grate masters in the felled of education (I have yet to determine who the masters are but I will and then I will study/learn from a few of them)

Things To Accomplish:
-Open an alternative high school and tech their
-Marry and domestically adopt two children
-Became a Unitarian Universalist youth adviser
-Read the bible, both the new and old testaments (in 90 day)
-Have some of my art displayed in the lounge at “My Church” the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa as the fetched artiest of the month
-Put out a CD of original poetry and/or songs
-Finely get the “Secondary Potential” web site on line (I completed this task)
-go to university (Concordia in Montreal, Quebec) to study and get accreditation to be able to teach art at a secondary level (i.e. in high schools)

Events to Attend:
-The CUC ACM 2008 in Ottawa from May 16th-19th (I completed this task)

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