Devin Murphy is declaring he now forgives all his former bullies.

Devin Murphy is declaring he now forgives all his former bullies. I posted this as my status on Facebook on Tuesday evening; in fact it’s still listed as my status today. Yes it’s a bold statement to make but it’s something I now feel I most declare to the world. Yes I can’t let the hurt that was afflicted on me by those who did bully me continue to hold me back from moving my life forward. I mean I may never understand why they did hurl all that shit at me. And I may never think it was nice or even something the school system should have turned a blind eye to, but what is don is don. And who in their right mind wants something to have a hold on their life forever, yes forever preventing them from making their life into a real top-notch success. Well I do not want that. In fact what I want to do is create environments for young people to learn in safety, both physical and mental safety. Yeah my schooling was vary unsafe for the must part well mostly in high school. Look it was not all bad. It’s just that the bad times they really heart my and over shadowed any chance of me getting all the good I could have otherwise gotten from the experience. So I am going to start in the next couple of weeks the process that will get the ball rolling for me to hopefully go to university at Concordia in Montreal this coming fall to study to be a high school art teacher.

One response to “Devin Murphy is declaring he now forgives all his former bullies.

  1. Well if you do come to Montreal in the fall chances are very good that you will get to see first hand how I deal with the shit thrown at me by U*U Bullies and other Totalitarian Unitarians Devin. 🙂

    Here’s a preview –


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