Well how do I know this to be true? – Devin Murphy’s credo statement

Believing there is a purpose to this life is one of the things that keeps me going on. Well wen I say I believe that there is a purpose to this life I am in no way saying that I believe that all the things to which we experience or will eventually experience are predestined. But rather that the mere fact that us human beings are living this collective thing we call life must be in someway not an accident. And to me it’s only logical that if it’s not an accident that we humans are living this life then a force or creature that’s greater then us must have had a hand in this. I say force and creature not forces and creatures because I can’t imagine a set of somethings greater then us agreeing on the creation of such a being as us or even just a process which ultimately led to us. Yes it must have been a process not an end result that led to us. And the evidence which we have had to date has led most of us to believe in this thing to which we have dubbed evolution. And yes evolution is just the work of this creature or force unfolding. And this force or creature I choose to call it God because that is what we humans have daubed it for millions of millennia. And yes I would say that God has three parts. The first being God the creator, i.e. that part of god which put evolution into motion. The second being God the corrector or redeemer, i.e. that part of God, which tries to bring its creatures, back from destructive ways as well attempting to assist them to never be destructive again. So the third and final part of God I believe it to be the spirit of God, i.e. that part of good that is within all of us. And I believe that God the spirit gets put in us by us coming into contact with the results of either God the creator or God the corrector. But I also believe that there is another force, one working against the forces of God as well as those who have been touched by it’s spirit. And this force is one, which feeds us lies and deceit in order for us to help it destroy us and this beautiful creation to which we find ourselves living in. And those who give into this force become its agents or henchpeople going around putting dawn others, the other animals and even this world to which we inhabit. And I call this evil force the Devil seeing that’s what we humans have daubed it for many billions of generations. So what happens wen we cease to live this life thing? Well, our bodies they decompose becoming fertilizer for this planet of ours. And then out of us comes our souls. Yes I believe we all have a soul of our own. And I believe they are something which gives us our easiness and wen we die I believe they get judged. And if we tried to be good in our life it goes to live for eternity in God’s home, the place we humans have daubed Heaven. And if we were not good then it goes and toils forever in the Devils realm, yes the place we humans have dubbed Hell. Well who do I know this to be true? Well I don’t know if it’s really true. So then why do I believe this? Well because I just have a feeling I must.


One response to “Well how do I know this to be true? – Devin Murphy’s credo statement

  1. Upon the occurrence of intrinsic utterances like these I tend to think back to my own experiences with trains of thought and how our complex minds come to conclusions. Once a distinct beginning later only becomes determined by the course of action, never having an end. Thoughts are eternal and never self-sufficient. One relies upon the next to determine its direction which cannot be summarized in any but a generality.


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