Coming of Age is not a Youth Empowerment program…

This is some more thoughts of mine one the same subject as my last post. And I also posted it to one of the thread in the same Faceboox group.

Coming of Age (COA) is not a Youth Empowerment program. As a COA teacher in my congregation in Ottawa, ON, Canada I should know it’s a Youth Preparatory course. And it is for junior youth (i.e.12 or 13-year-olds) not youth (i.e. 14 to 19-year-olds). It helps the junior youth to begin to look at all the different beliefs to which we as humans have with regards to religious/spiritual things like hell, heaven, the belief or not in God and so on. And it helps the junior youth to start to articulate which of these feels right for them. Also it is a course which helps the young people to be ready to move on to youthhood. It’s kind of like the UU version of the Christian confirmation or the UU version of the Jewish Bar and Bat mitsfa. So I would say this it’s good to have these kinds of things for UU’s, but in my opinion it is better don wen they are still kids and not yet youth. And that is because I feel youthhood should be a time for trying out and testing all the things learnt as a kid in a healthy and safe environment of course, with the express propose of preparing the youth to become leaders and active members in their society. In this case the UU world. But what I have noticed is we as UU’s let are young people go throw this as youth or at least we did. Then wen they become adults we tell them with our body language, ton of voice and so one to forget about trying to incorporate the conclusions or weighs of doing thing which mite work for you in to the wider adult UU world. In essence, we say, we encourage you to continuo to explore what you believe and think but now you most only do it in the more proper and refined adult way. And I would strongly oppose something like COA being the mane focus of UU youth programming mostly because it is adult lead not youth led with mentor like help from sportive adults.

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