While growing up Unitarian Universalist…

This was part of a post I added to one of the threads in the Facebook group called Unitarian Universalist Youth and Young Adult Empowerment to which I am a member of.

While growing up I attended Religious Exploration (i.e. Sunday school) classes and did the precursor to the Grad 8 OWL (Our Whole Lives) sexuality coerce called AYS (About Your Sexuality). Not to mention as well went through YRUU (Young Religious Unitarian Universalists), which was for me, a place ware I could finally test and try out what it was to really live in Unitarian Universalist (UU) community with all the rights and responsibilities that go with it. But when I finally aged out of YRUU at the age of 20 I came to the realization that the way I was taught to express and explore my faith was not the way the adults do things. Ok I did know that UU adults did thinks a bit different then the way UU kids and youth are taught, but I did not think it was that dramatically different. You see I had up until then musty done worship in more of a circle style, vary audience participatory rather then a speaker listener style. That is only one of the differences between the way we as UU kids and youth did things differently. And unlike the adults, wen we as youth and kids wear exploring our religious/spiritual beliefs we did not compare everything against ware we came from (i.e. Catholic, Anglican or what ever) but rather only through UU eyes because that is all we new. And I think this shook I had is probably felt be many raised UUs and I think that it might be one of the reasons a lot of them never integrate into the wider adult UU world.

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