Some Unitarian Universalist young adult questions and concerns

I feel there is a saver lack of institutional memory wen it comes to Unitarian Universalist young adult (UUYA) community, weather that’s on the local level, regional/district level or even on the continental level. Let me elaborate for a moment. What I men is we have little if not any knowledge as to why the various UUYA communities and their activities have come to be as they are including what has driven, hindered and heart them throughout their lives, whether that has been long or short. We also have no knowledge of why the founders of these communities set them up the way they did if we even know who their founders were in the first place. As well we have no memory of what has possibly come before in the wide world of UUYA community but may not be here today.

Also I think lots of us would agree that it is often unclear as to why the current batch of UUYAs attend the UUYA activates and events that they do and what they think their proposes are. Let me use Opus as an example. Opus had been the annul continental (i.e. US and Canada) gathering for UUYAs held at varying camps throughout the US and Canada once a year in late summer until it was put on holed at least for this year (2008). Ok Opus for some is a young adult spiritual retreat (i.e. a place for communal rejuvenation of the soul). And for others it’s a young adult spiritual conference (i.e. a place to do the hard work, which will allow us UUYAs to go out into the wider world and attempted to demonstrate how to live in more accepting was for ourselves, and those we interact with). And still for others it’s a place to help grow UUYA community. See by this example you can see that people’s view of a single UUYA event can vary so greatly. And why should this madder to us as UUYAs well, maybe if we want coherent focuses for our events, then we need to have a collective understanding of the purposes of these events. Also if we wont to attract young adults with a common focus to our events then we need to know what the common theme and or mandate of these events are.

And another point how do UUYA groups and they’re varying communities fit into the wider cacophony of UU community and groups, let alone who do raised UU and newbie UU YAs fit into UUYA communities themselves. Also what do the varying UUYAs bring to UUYA community and is it appropriate or even desirable for alumnus of YRUU (Young religious Unitarian Universalists) the UU youth program run on a continental, regional/district and local level to bring things from their over to the UUYA world.

And what I have raised here are all pretty deep questions and concerns. So what to do about it all? Well we as UUYAs can’t just go back in time and gather the missing knowledge about our varying communities and their events and use it to help us go forward. No but we can get-together and attempt to not lose the institutional knowledge that we have gathered from our time in these varying crazily connected communities and use this. Also about finding out why we are involved in the varying UUYA groups events to which we are, well starting a discourse on this is a good start. And by doing these thing maybe we will start to have better focused and more vibrant UUYA communities and events not to mention possibly having some new ones to fill the missing gapes in this our patchwork of communities and events.

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