“EncyclUUpedia” – my proposed UU encyclopedia

So what follow might just be the biggest most ambushes idea I have come up with to date. And it is an idea I think could be one of the greatest contributions the Unitarian Universalism (UU) community could make to the UU cannon and the general knowledge pool. So I would love to know if any of you think this sounds worth doing (especially if you are an UU). And if so I will see what I can do about getting it of the ground. So with out further ado here is my idea

EncyclUUpedia is what I am going to call this for now. So what is EncyclUUpedia you are probably asking yourself? Well acutely for now it is not really much of anything. See for now it is just this idea I have. And the idea is this, to create an UU encyclopedia. I now you are probably asking yourself, but why dos the world need such a thing? Well truth be tolled the world dos not need a UU themed encyclopedia. And I can’t lie to you I am not the first person to come up with this idea case in point there is already the “Unitarian-Universalist Encyclopedia”. All right you are surly thinking so if there is already an UU encyclopedia then why am I even suggesting another one. Well the Unitarian-Universalist Encyclopedia’s stated goal according to it’s “About This Wiki” page is this “This UU Wiki is an on-going project to build a user-created free scholarly commentary on the entire scope of religion.” and that is not the goal I have in mind for EncyclUUpedia. So what is the goal of this proposed Encyclopedia? Well it is this: to be a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to Unitarian Universalism, its history, its philosophies, its structures (political, societal and physical) not to mention its groups, events and people. In essence the “Unitarian-Universalist Encyclopedia” is focused on religious dogma and religious/spiritual philosophies as seen and or practise by UUs, ware as EncyclUUpedia will be more focused on the political and social structures, including the important people, groups and activates/events and the places they inhabit.

This all sounds well and good right, but haw will this be achieved? So like the “Unitarian-Universalist Encyclopedia, EncyclUUpedia as I am seeing it will be another one of the now many wiki based encyclopedia, with Wikipedia being the most famous of them all. At this point you are probably asking yourself well this sounds great but I don’t now what a wiki is. So let me explain. A wiki in its must basic for is this; a collaborative web site which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it. So why a wiki. Well do you know how expensive it would be to do a hared bound version. And besides with a wiki the contributors and editors can do their work from anywhere in the world and their contributions are visible almost immediately allowing them to be put to good use sooner rather then later.

But weight isn’t there already at lest two UU wikis which deal with UU culture. Ok there is the UUA’s “UUwiki” and the CUC’s “Canadian Unitarian Council wiki”. But those don’t even come close to being repositories of encyclopedic knowledge like I hope EncyclUUpedia will be, but rather collectively editable filling cabinets of ways to help the UU community in planing or communicating about this or that.

So now that you have read all about my proposed idea, do you think it sounds like something worth doing? And if you think it’s a good idea do let me no if you could help with it.

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