“Nobody Died” – a song about bullying

My favourite music group The Wilkinsons do a song called “Nobody Died” on their latest album Home. The reason I bring this up is it deals with the subject of school bullying in what I feel is quite an honest way. And so dos the accompanying music video, to which I think is really worth seeing. So here is the video for The Wilkinsons, Nobody Died.

So what do you think? Well I hope by me, The Wilkinsons and others addressing what in my opinion is one of the most serious issues of our time in frank and honest ways we might even find better ways of dealing with it.

3 responses to ““Nobody Died” – a song about bullying

  1. this is great.
    thanks. helped my search for songs about bullying.


  2. The s0ng miss invisible by marie digby is similar to this, except its ending is a bit more optimistic


  3. Glad I could help you ashley in your search. And thanks mali! I did go have a listen to the song over on YuoTube, and all I can say is it’s awesome.


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