I am getting financially and emotionally ready to actualise my dreams!

Well slowly but surly my life is going towards better things. Ok I must believe this or I will fall into a deep state of panic. And I don’t want to panic because I have panicked enough over the last few months. So I am going to focus on creating a great life for me. And I think that this is going to involve me getting financially and emotionally ready to actualize my dreams. Dreams that I hope will accumulate in me teaching in the alternative high school that I hope to help fawned. But to get there I must first get a job to pay for my room in the shared apartment I am now living in. Ok I did have a job but I was not what they wanted so they let me go even know I was a hard worker, so I am back on the job market. And to prepare myself to tech at my future school I am as well as getting financially ready, also one of four facilitators of my churches coming of age class (a welcoming and preparation class for preteens to become youth). And next year I hop to be doing an internship at the Albany Free School, as well as this coming summer possibly going to one or two conferences on alternative education.

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