The Forth-Annual AERO Conference

My head has been spinning with great ideas ever since I got back from the forth-annual AERO conference. I should explain that the AERO conference was an event dedicated to, the learning and discussion of ideas and concepts related to alternative education. It lasted for four days long and went dawn in Troy NY, USA from Jun 28th-July1st at Russell Sage College. I along with my brother Curtis, his friend Carla and our friend Joel went down by car sharing two dorm rooms will there as well as food we brought do to dietary desires and restrictions. It was a really excellent time we all went to many wonderful keynote addresses. I particularly enjoyed the one titled “Transforming Your Public School We Did It; So Can You” given by a man named Arnie Langberg, who was a former alternative public high school principal in Colorado. I liked it because he spoke about the need to value the teachers. Well in regards to the learning environment, he felt if you had treacheries that felt shown respected then you will have an environment conducive for children to learn in and he also know the opposite to be true. As well as the dally speaker their was a whole host of dally workshops including one run by two members from The Village free School in Portland Oregon called “The Growth of Our Village” to which I went to. At this workshop they talked about the successes and fallers, but mostly the successes they have had over the years leading up to and since the opening of their school. And wen it was over they sent us a way with a big fat set of useful info and documents to which they had collected and written since the beginning of the planing stages of their school. This package it will help Joel, my brother and me in the setting up of our high school to, which was the catalyst for us going to the conference in the first place. Besides the programming they had a local rock-hip hop group perform a set one night and a DJ dance party another night. All in all it was, SO VARY POSITIVELY AMAZING!

One response to “The Forth-Annual AERO Conference

  1. Hey Devin,
    Your nosy auntie really enjoyed reading all about your great adventure at the AERO conference-what an exciting time it must have been for you all.
    I remember when I was about your age I began reading a whole series of books about education: Why Johnny Can’t Read, Summerhill School….lots more who’s titles I can’t remember after all these years. I had already been to teacher’s college and taught for a couple of years so all these books had quite an impact. I had something to compare them to, after learning about education in a college environment and teaching myself. When I went back to teacher’s college for another year to get my Primary Specialist Certificate I approached things so completely differently and I taught completely differently. Those books lit a fire under me about how I wanted to teach.
    I hope that attending the AERO conference has lit a fire under you also and that you work towards your school and education goals.


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