About “The Rockin Lock-in”

I meant to post this a long time ago but it took me until now to finish it. So here it is:

On Friday February the 9th I along with a friend and fellow Ottawa Unitarian Universalist young adult (Rod ESQ) went by VIA Rail, playing a good game of travel Scrabble along the way, to the first of what looks like now will be, a series of regional over night events for Unitarian Universalist young adults. It was an event called “The Rockin Lock-in” which was hosted be the McGill University affiliated Unitarian Universalist group simply known as “The UU Crew”, and it was held at the Unitarian Church of Montreal. It went dawn from Friday evening starting with a late super of veggie chilli, backed potato and salad. In attendance was Unitarian Universalist youth mostly aged 18-25ish from Vermont, of cores Montreal and yes us two from Ottawa. It was open to Unitarian Universalists young adults (18-35) from all across Ontario, Quebec, and the northern United States, but do to it being the first of it’s kind in the aria it had only a small but cozy number of people. We where greeted by my brother a member of The UU Crew and a former member of our group “The Young Adults (AKA The Noble Birds)”. After the meal and a casual overview of the rules we did an icebreaker game. Then we all went out on to the churches front steps to start a little worship service which was on the them of “rock”, and it ended downstairs in the carpeted room called The Children’s Chapel. The worship it included the singing of a few hymns and all of us telling what we considered to be our rocks. And wen it was over a bunch of us went and looked at the Religious Education games. Their was of cores, Monopoly, Risk, and this vary cool quapertive game which I fawned called “Hugs And Tickles”. So a bunch of us went back into The Children’s Chapel and set about paying it. It was fun, but at first we ware all mocking it because we realized we ware all brought up only playing adversarial games like chess. But after a bit we all started liking it. It was a game which consisted of a series of payers which we would all tack terns moving around the bored, by rolling a pear of dice. The dice had on opposite sides a picture of a person and one the other sides, the image of The Blues. The Blues was a scary looking blue cloud creature. And if we rolled two blues, we would move the blues two spaces. And if we rolled two people, we would move any combination of the people pieces forward the equivalent of two spaces, but if the people landed on the a cared square, we got to pickup a cared which would allow us to do something god for our selves. They ware things like a motivational cheer or a love squeeze. But we could only use them wen we thought that the blue was getting to close. And after using one The Blues would be sent back to it’s starting square. And ones we had gotten all the people pieces around the board we would win the game and The Blues would have lost but till this day we have still not one. Well that is because we got a blank cared, and a blank cared allows you to do something good you come up with yourselves. So we decided to go have a brake and drink some tee and socialize. And as fare as I now we are still on brake. Well following the game we went and had some random fun, which consisted of hopping races and then a spontaneous workshop that consisted of us tacking turns staring lovingly into each others eyes. So following the workshop we went and joined the rest of the conferees for our night of sleep. In the morning we gout up and had fresh Montreal still bagels and orange juice or coffee and discussed the possibilities of having another event like this one, and then we did a closing activity. The closing activity was a big group hug and by the time we had all finished hugging it was noon and time for everyone to go. Me and my friend headed of with my brother to his small apartment to which we ware staying over at until Sunday. We got to me bro’s place we had something to eat then we went out to a bar. And at the bar we played a great game of travel Scrabble. Later that evening we had an enthralling discussion all about Unitarian Universalist young adult programming. The next morning we went back to the church to attend the Sunday service which was on the seven Unitarian Universalist principles wen we went out for lunch with some of the young adults. Following the lunch we went to the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. It was so cool in fact they had this short video, which was a re-enactment this artist did with, is daughter of Moby Dick set in a kitchen. Following the museum we went back to my brother palace and packed up and went home again by VIA Rail train.

One response to “About “The Rockin Lock-in”

  1. hey bro, I don’t know if I read this before, but I just read it, and it’s really good! You had me smiling at all the good memories! Just wait ’til the next one!


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