I say it’s time to get on with the futer

I say it’s time to get on with the future. You say so what’s it going to be like? Well it’s going to be whatever we make it into. And we can make it into nothing but a place to put all your unwanted leftovers from today, but I don’t like that idea. And it’s ‘cause that would case tomorrow to smell so bad that none would want to inhabit it. And if none are going to inhabit the future then that would men the human race most have come to an end. Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of the human race coming to an end, well at least when it comes to the immediate future. So if we are at least going to be around on into the immediate future and probably for a will longer then that, we need to prepare for it to be a nice smelling place or at lest a hospitable spot for us to reside in. And a good start would be to inshore that in the present we don’t do something so horrid, like contaminating all of our drinking water to a point that we can’t repair or even manage the damage of it. So what would be, a could thing to do to prepare for the future? Well tack care of what we will all need in the future. Thinks like a next generation of managers for our society and it’s resources, and well-maintained resources actually worthy of their management. So what can we all do well for starters we can start to give out accurate info on the stat of our planet, the one we call Earth, not to mention reducing our discharge of harmful substances into its natural ecosystem, to which we are a part of.

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