Being different is hared on any kid

Being different is hared on any kid, especially if you are a member of an invisible minority and going throw adolescence. I can attest to this fact having been the only Unitarian Universalist (UU) at the small Ontario High School to which I attended. I bet none know I was UU except one of my then friends, who I am sure never really understood what being one really meant. You see I fawned it hared to explain then and I still do now, so I did and still do not tell people I meat that I am one. It is quit a shame. But what can I do, I do not want to go in to along explanation of what a UU is and what it means to be one. So I guess I need to come up with an elevator speech on the subject. You see an elevator speech is a sort description of something that you can use in a conversation to describe something, and one should take no longer then a typical elevator ride to deliver.

Well if I had come up with an elevator speech as a kid it would have not made it any easier on me, but at least people would not have bullied me for what I was not, but rather for what I was. Who I was, was a shy guy at school and a cool-crazy guy in my churches youth group. You see only now have I started to realize that I never really let my true self sine throw at school or at church and I am only just now starting to do so at church. At school, especially at High School I was with drown do to a sense of not knowing how to relate to my fellow classmates, whom I felt were quite different from me. And in youth group I tried to hared, a little to hared to fit in, in retrospect. You see I was always being really silly around my UU friends which was great fun but sometimes I felt as a result it was hared for them to take me seriously. Well, wen I thought it was time for them to do so, times like wen we wore planing a youth conference or a Sunday morning worship service.

So what advice do I have for someone going throw something similar to what I did? Well all I can say is lean on those you can wen appropriate to do so and try your best to be your true self at all times. Because you are going to have to do a lot of muddling throw situations you would rather not have to go throw and it is nicer to be able to go throw it with someone ells who know you as best as can be.

3 responses to “Being different is hared on any kid

  1. Yes Devin. You are very wise for someone with so few years.
    Glad you are writing your feelings and giving advice to others going through similar things.
    It’s a healthy thing to think through these things and put them in perspective. It’s also very healthy to move forward with a better perspective.
    Vit D


  2. Devin, you are the fucking man. You played it off legit, foo’. I could not agree more. The best thing we can do for ourselves and for the world is be ourself.


  3. Wise reflections my friend.


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